Delta variant and ‘vaccine apartheid’ to blame for COVID-19 surge? | COVID-19 Special

Delta variant and ‘vaccine apartheid’ to blame for COVID-19 surge? | COVID-19 Special

A quarter of the global population has received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine. Low income countries are far behind. Just one in a hundred have at least one jab there.
24% worldwide and only 1% low income countries are vaccinated. The distribution is slowest on the African continent. There just aren’t enough doses. The World Health Organisation criticised that sharply, and claimed: “The world is in vaccine apartheid”. The lack of doses has serious knock-on effects for poorer countries.
Not enough vaccines means more people catching the virus, more hospitalisations, more deaths. Just take Kenya, where case levels are pushing hospitals to the brink. Especially as they run short of vital supplies.
Health officials warn the highly contagious Delta variant is responsible for the rise in infections.
DW’s Mariel Müller visited a hospital in Kisumu where they’re running dangerously short of medical oxygen.


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  1. The lords people can see through it all. It’s a blessing and a curse to See the truth, but god gives us this gift for a reason, we can’t fight the battle but we can safe ourselves and others on a individual basis. Do not let your loved ones get marked. Stay blessed. God will provide a path…. stay steadfast friends

  2. This news can also be useful to English-speaking friends:

    "From the collection of news on the" pandemic ".

    News n. 10 – Series B patients

    Prof. Cognetti, director of Medical Oncology at the Regina Elena hospital and president of the "Together for Cancer" Foundation, in an interview released on 29/10/2020, stated that:

    "Every year about 413,000 citizens in Italy die from vascular, oncological and oncohematological diseases, and 153,000 from other diseases, for a total of 566,000 deaths …… To prevent mortality from non-Covid diseases from increasing, it is essential to guarantee continuity of care in total safety ".

    This is one of the numerous interventions by doctors in the same period, which also followed an alarming article in the Messenger of November 20, 2020, entitled "The paralysis of hospitals – Appeal of doctors", where you can read:

    “People continue to die of many diseases but, in Italian hospitals, those not infected with Covid have been feeling, for months, series B patients. Eleven million citizens risk losing their lives due to difficulties in accessing treatment. The pandemic has overwhelmed the national health service and today, those who are at greater risk are precisely the "fragile patients", that is to say the oncohematological and cardiological patients ".

    In confirmation of the above, there are also the unbelievable
    statements of Minister Speranza, who, in his book "Why We Will Heal", promptly withdrawn from business, stated among other things that:

    "It is clear that we have held up, for two reasons. First: because we have suspended a large part of ordinary activities and non-urgent services, postponing numerous scheduled interventions and concentrating the great majority of our resources on the fight against Covid ".

    So every year in Italy there are about 566,000 deaths from diseases that have nothing to do with Covid, while the deaths "with" Covid, according to the Istituto Superiore di Sanità and the Ministry of Health, have been around 128,000 to date.

    As with other serious issues, here too I trust in the criminal judiciary to verify, even ex officio, how many of the deaths not attributable to Covid occurred during the period of the "pandemic" due to lack or inadequacy of treatment.

  3. Haiti’s president got killed because he rejected the shipment of AstraZeneca vaccine that the World Health Organization WHO send at the beginning of April of last year but no news will talk about it

  4. For some, the fear of such a big deception by thier own governments is just too much to contemplate. Cognitive dissonance is an odd thing if your relationship with fear is rational and balanced. Effectively, we understand what fear is and whether we need to respond. Is it fight or flight, is it something we need to explore or ignore? Its called intuition. Those that live in unnecessary general fear (normally externally manufactured) completely avoid it. They have fear of fear itself. Welcome the 'obedient' sleepwalkers.

  5. Vaccine apartheid,…lol..what a joke…we payed it we get it first…its that simple….poor countrys should stop buy weapons and corruption and they will have enough money 2 buy some…otherwise(like they like it always)they have 2 wait…..and thats the bottom line

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  7. India is home to the largest vaccine making facility in the world. They can’t make vaccine because the wealthy white people of the G7 would rather profiteer off of the pandemic than share the recipe for their vaccine and waive the copyright.

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