Health Secretary: 'We can't live in a world where we only think about COVID'

Health Secretary: 'We can't live in a world where we only think about COVID'

Sajid Javid has said we can no longer “live in a world where the only thing we are thinking about is COVID”.

The new Health Secretary told Sky News the country must “take advantage” of the effectiveness of the vaccines and “learn to live” with the virus.

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  1. Remember other years when 10000 or more people died of the flu, yet it didn't matter. Ow but this one we suppossed to hide away from even after mass vacination.

  2. Pls. Pray the rosary to combat war, famine, disease,corruption, ,prostitution, drugs, abortion, divorce, materialism,vices,climate change.pls pray for peace, love and joy on all families and home…

  3. Why he is right in lifting those restrictions? I am not a scientist, but it makes sense. We are forced into lockdowns for more than a year, and its economic impact is bigger and that gets severe with every single day being into lockdown. This is also assured that this virus would not go away anytime soon (By that I mean at least over the coming 3 to 5 years), it would still remain in the community, so they chose the right approach, to live with it, educate people to do what is necessary. If we speak about the country I unfortunately stuck in "Malaysia" – 35 million population, still in lockdown since the pandemic started back in March 2020. They spent billions of dollars as packages due to lockdowns, but not giving that to the businesses to use the proper technology and follow the standard rules that can avoid this virus from happening. These amounts could be spent on the delivery of the vaccines to be on time, but instead even after more than 2 months of strict lockdown, cases still on the rise (the question is, if everyone is at home for 2 months, why cases still on the rise) while average recovery time is 14 days. LOCKDOWNS HAVE NEVER BEEN THE SOLUTION TO THIS PENDAMIC. It was a failed approach, instead educating people to take necessary precautions was a better approach and the use of technology.

  4. we are all stuck in a covid LOOP . forever and ever lockdowns , cat and mouse with the population. this is not going to end well. and people's patience have limits

  5. Its about time someone said something sensible, and yes we do have to live with it, which we will just like we lived with the flu when that was a new virus. Humans adapt that's why we have an immune system. Covid will be a seasonal virus just like the flu, the world cannot come to a stop, but people also need to know that anxiety/stress of keep being afraid will lower the immune system , so people need to just live how they want to live, each to their own.

  6. To be honest handycock did us all a favour with his fumble behind the bike sheds ! Same as dummings with his 30 mile jaunt ?

  7. Government have said it's up to us and to act responsible. That has been criticised and rightly so.
    Quite frankly irrespective of different opinions, they have done nobody any good. They have crippled both the NHS and Business through late decision making.
    For what its worth the people are more responsible than the Government, so the morons may as well leave it to us!

  8. They’re alot of talk about covid risks so we need to wear mask it’s not Covid-19 the problem it’s the government we should all take out a risk assessment for ourself against the government for clearly they are the massive problem and not COVID-19

  9. Freedom day? The delta variant is about 1.5x more contagious than the original
    (natural R = 2.6) so its natural R is 4. A cycle is around 6 days so in 30 days
    it can increase 4x4x4x4x4=1024 times. The UK unvacinated population is 23 Million
    and over 30,000 are currently infected. So 1 month after freedom day they will ALL be infected.
    We know it takes about 2 Million cases to generate a new variant, So a month after
    freedom day there will be 10+ new variants, Boris will then have to explain to the
    whole world why the UK was the country that made the vaccines ineffective.

  10. Masks reduce by transmission by 25% ?? HUGE ! Now we need to read what the study actually said. Journo desperately trying keep the fear and panic going, instead of welcoming the fact that the emphasis will at last be moving back the REST of health care which has been eclipsed for the last 18 months.

  11. It would be really convenient for the public to forget that the Tory party let the Johnson varient into the country and then took the covid guidance away so that the public have no clear idea of what is expected of them but it's not all I'm thinking about. I'm also thinking about how badly brexit is being handled.

  12. Ironically thinking about it constantly is what will happen going this route. If 100 people have the measles vaccine and they throw a person with infectious measles amongst them , most will get measles and some of them may not get as sick but overall still many go the same way. Vaccines are up to F all