'I escaped a serial killer' – BBC News

'I escaped a serial killer' - BBC News

In 2002, 15-year-old Kara Chamberlain was kidnapped at gunpoint, held for 18 hours, drugged and assaulted.

After her escape, police discovered her kidnapper had been involved in the murder of at least three other people in Virginia, US.

Now a mum-of-two and a public speaker with a career in law enforcement behind her, Kara uses social media to educate others about what happened to her and how to understand trauma.

She spoke to BBC Newsbeat about her experience.

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  1. Many women fought sexual assaults including gender rights but that kept happening! People need to deserve rights! Life NEED To Be Changed Before People Make It WORSE!

  2. You express yourself and the big things you want to accomplish w intense sincerity and passion. Big things you are going to do for many. Thankful you are here to talk to us. You go woman! You are a gifted speaker.

  3. Generally these kinds of criminal incidents taking places in third world beggarly countries. In our country, India, inhuman activities are similar drinking water.

  4. It’s reprehensible a scientist has for years with British railway, the television industry a family from hell and nhs have ran a psychological and brain exploitation experiment on a British railway employee for years.Playing manufactured schizophrenia messages Carried on brain damaging frequencies and their reprehensible evil victimisation secret that’s ruined a mans entire life.
    Exposing the stalking organised by a television parasite the scientist and get them arrested.it’s not a joke.Years of it.Get these criminals arrested,piggy back hypnotic schizophrenia messages over,YouTube,podcasts and amazon and if the victim subscribed to other television online they’d do it over their service.Target a victim ,all internet audio carriers piggy back hypnotic schizophrenia messages and that pariah of a scientist gets the internet to prescribe antipsychotic drugs from 2007.He never needed it to be lied to by a psychiatrist by a new dr Mengele pulling the stings with power to this is someone some people might be scared of.
    That scientist must be found and arrested,arrested.It’s not a secret joke between the medical profession or police or television industry.It’s a human rights crime and the entire world needs to know what the British are really like.Hypocrites on human rights.The victim is a easy target and if these criminals are not found they will do it to someone else.
    It’s torture.Itsca human rights crime years years of victimisation and they see a victim who is alive,not covered with cuts and like every man who raped a woman,faced her in court says” she never complained so she lived it!”The victim of brain psychological rape hates it,always and he fights it and stupidly thought a person would end it.They never came because of freak,lies or sycophant.
    The victim will fight them in court if we can expose this.It’s not a joke.How anyone can go along with it is beyond me.It’s not a joke.

  5. This is propaganda that pits men and women against each other, but men and women need each other in life. We need to reject identity politics and come together as humans, not as bitter rivals in a war of the sexes. I do admire Kara for escaping the impossible, but that's all it should have been. This happened 19 years ago.

  6. OMG I love your words Kara on holding space for ALL EMOTIONS, to coexist ! LOVED THAT !!! im a trauma survivor from parental alienation by my narcissistic hEx and i connected with most of what you said. It doesnt define who I am but space for the truth and healing needs to be made

  7. All sympathy and such but why this obsession with all things American at BBC ? They hardly wanted to investigate serial abusers in this country that they were employing and enabling in long term, commanding positions at the BBC Ffks !
    More self serving BBC pc exploitation. How did that old song go..over there, over there, don’t look here, please my dear, look over there….