The far-right, Karim Benzema and the French national football team

The far-right, Karim Benzema and the French national football team

Tournament favourites France have been knocked out of the Euros. In May, coach Didier Deschamps recalled French-Algerian forward Karim Benzema to the team after nearly six years. We discuss how France’s far-right have targeted the player and the nation’s divide over the diverse makeup of the team.

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  1. I'm French and and here in France, everyone is proud of the diversity of our football team. Only the media and supporters of the extreme right, who represent a tiny minority of the population, question this diversity in a racist and xenophobic manner only to make people talk about them and ride the wave of a possible scandal. Also, you must have noticed that the players themselves are delighted with this and are united like Grizemann and Dembélé, Coman and Pavard, Mbappé and Benzema. Finally, I will end by saying that France certainly had a colonialist past but is no longer so today so stop saying that France is the wicked white colonizer, did we say that, when we talk about the English, Spanishs, Portuguese, Americans ? STOP THE AMALGAMES!

  2. It's so ironic that racist state as France still benefits from whole continent of Africa and yet hates them. Let me tell you, french fascists. Your days are counted and oppressed Muslims will be dancing the day you fall apart as a state

  3. If French football team is nothing without “foreigner” then USA basketball team and NBA are also nothing without “foreigner” cause all afro-American are African…

  4. France is nothing without stealing west African money and glod . plus have you seen paris these days how dirty and poor is. Time will come when Africans wake up and stop paying this stupid france

  5. This sound like an apologist. Bet you were also apologising the terrorist attacks and blaming it on racism by french nationals as well.
    Im not even french but im really tired of this rhetoric. The guy literally spit when the national anthem is playing. What would you say if someone spits while you are reciting the quran?. Double standards

  6. Isn’t it hypocritical from the east to give lessons about diversity to the west ?
    As a french i’m tired to see people complain about racism whereas their original country wouldn’t accept 10% of the immigration we have in our country.
    A bit of humility isn’t too bad.

  7. During the two world wars ! Some of their grandfathers fought under the French flag and gave their lives for this nation.
    " The forgotten colonial army " Period.

  8. Play and represent your respected country of origin ….. France is a white country let the white represent their country and the rest arabs and blacks must go back and represent their country of origin…..

  9. For that matter take a close look in France's other games players ! Most of them have diffrent origins, they shine on the pitch and win medals for France.

  10. If I may, he said "if I don’t score, im Algerian", he didn’t mention "Arab". Anyways, he’s an incredible player.

    Edit : im not algerian*