What, exactly, is Mike Pence doing?

What, exactly, is Mike Pence doing?

Former Vice President Mike Pence has remained steadfast in his decision to defy Donald Trump and certify the 2020 election, but at the same time is trying to fully embrace his legacy with Trump. In the latest episode of The Point, CNN’s Chris Cillizza tries to dissect Pence’s tightrope walk to set up his political future for 2024.


Pence contradicts Trump on January 6, calling plan to decertify 2020 election ‘un-American’

‘Almost no idea more un-American’: Pence breaks with Trump on Jan. 6

Fact check: No, Pence can’t overturn the election results

New timeline shows just how close rioters got to Pence and his family

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  1. Ronald Reagan would have been disgusted by Trump….especially his Insurrection. Shame on Pence for not more forcefully calling out Trump— he’s not boss anymore. He’s Criminal— GO FULL CHENEY ON HIM! Sheesh

  2. Trump did absolutely nothing to support the American people when he served as VP. He wasn’t even man enough to standup, tell the truth or defend himself. He has a history of being unfit to serve. Even Indiana refuse to re-elect his as Governor & Trump gave him VP and put all his Indiana folks in key positions for more Indiana Trump corruption! Neither one of them are worthy to be mention.

  3. I got the one thing that's a six-year-old can figure this out a six-year-old can't do it because we were having about 26 years together last year during the election and they figure out all the stuff that you guys are fucked up on people say Donald Trump had 80 million votes of course you did and then they say but Biden had like Not sure about 70 million votes let's say who in the fuck believe he had 70 million votes he's lucky if he had 1 million votes because like I said a six-year-old we had a whole bunch of them they said there's nobody at Biden's rallies during all of 2020 just like Hillary Clinton in 2015 nobody at the rallies how the fuck oh my God I can't believe people are you guys all of you guys I do these channels what's the matter with you go talk to a six-year-old there's nobody at the rallies and Biden nobody at the rows of Hillary Clinton that in the year they think Joe Biden had 70 million votes and Donald Trump had 80 million screw you you guys are all fucked up you have no common sense whatever but it's like if you had 1 million votes maybe 2 million he stayed in the basement last year we stayed in the basement and we did go to his rallies or functions he had 12 people there one time and I don't have 24 people I want them had six people so you guys are all screwed up and head get it right he didn't have nobody vote for him hardly I guess he's lucky he got 1 million bought a 2,000,006-year-old can figure this out they tell adults what's wrong with you adults you're adults I think in the head we're just a little Six-year-old and we can see nobody's at the rallies and Biden's doing one but most the time but it lives in the basement and then never does rallies so how can you have the Wallet there's no way he would go talk to six-year-old anybody with his words not sure of his rallies like Hillary Clinton he didn't get no goddamn 70 million votes fucked up people who are

  4. Who’s pocket is this guy in lol. Every connection this guy makes is based on logical fallacies. CNN viewers need to stop allowing emotions to rule their brain and think critically for a minute

  5. Yeah, what do we do to subversive propagandists like you when the audit results come back showing there WAS massive fraud?

    I'm thinking free one way trip to Mogadishu with just the clothes on your back.

  6. To the freedom loving Americans. The time to combat the left here is to join the Cuban American protests and send the message we do not want socialism or communism in America.

  7. I have a better question… Does anyone out there think that chris cillizza is a real reporter? I wonder what would happen if you put, chris cillizza, chris cuomo, brian stelter, anderson cooper, and don lemon all in the same room for 3 hours?

  8. Mike Pence stabbed President Trump in the back and is a yellow coward. He's all the wrong stuff and will be remembered as the girly-man who became Joe Biden's and Nancy Pelosi's hand licking lap dog.

  9. Mike Pence was the Vice President of the United States of America. Therefore he couldn't at least stand up and make a filibusting speech against all the voter fraud and un-constitutional obvious leftist Democrat gangstering that was taking place and Russian collusion and impeachment trials? Mike Pence the great vice president exposed his soft underbelly and defaulted his position to impower President Trump's Democrat-communist enemies. Pence is a gutless worm.