Roger Federer Quarter-Final Press Conference | Wimbledon 2021

Roger Federer Quarter-Final Press Conference | Wimbledon 2021

Eight-time Wimbledon champion Roger Federer faced the media on day nine of The Championships 2021, where he reflected of his quarter-final exit and answered questions on his future…

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  1. If I am Fed, I would say I will play until my body does not permits me.. Its not about the winning, its about the love of the sport.

    Just stupid questions about retiring.. Common! He reach QF despite his age while those young players at their prime did not.

  2. His demeanor is humbled finally now that he knows he is not the real Goat. He knows that Djokovic is the true undisputed goat of tennis, while Federer is is the same boat as Sampras and Agassi etc. He's number 3 after Nadal.

  3. Roger Federer – A Symbol of the tennis aristocracy, the most classy, gracious man who reached Q/F almost 40 years old, after surgeries, pandemic craziness and being away for almost a year! Phenomenal achievement! Will Novak ever figure it out, why Federer is the most loved athlete in world, no matter what his score is? May be after he will rewatch his own Godzilla-style yelling and heating a line referee videos. At this point, digits matter not. Federer Forever!

  4. Personally, I feel Roger will stay in the game long enough to pass Jimmy Connors all-time match record as he is well within striking distance of that. I believe Connor's record sits at 1274 to Federer's 1251 as of this posting. I have no doubt he can achieve that! He also needs 7 titles in order to pass Connors record of 109 tournament titles. That will be harder to accomplish but if he concentrates on the best-of-three tournaments (250-500-1000 series) that will give him the best chance to do so. He certainly isn't going to get there just trying to win grand slams! He has always been goal driven and these are realistic goals still within his grasp! Beyond that, I don't know what else Roger has to prove….only Roger knows for sure! Good luck Maestro!

  5. I don't expect, Roger to be a coward, and announce retirement, even after seeing Novak win 20 slams, Rafa might be daunted, but knows FO is his home, Roger must believe, he can still win on grass, and conserve all his energy, and strength, for one final push, and do monk mode brahmacharya, to please the tennis Gods.

  6. I am always and will be a Roger fan. First he came after a double knee surgery and he made to the quarters. So still I think he can compete and still beat anyone. This loss is just a twist and no need to take this serious. Anyway still want him play for many more years…

  7. Roger should never be consider goat. From 2010 to 2020, in 10 years he only won 5 grand slams. 10 YEARS!! Novak has gotten 6 grand slam titles in 2 years alone from 2019-2021, and that’s without us open 2020, which he got DQ and cancellation of Wimbledon 2020. Roger was 29 in 2010, he should be in his prime from age 29 to 34 like Novak. Novak from age 29 to 34 is ranked number 1 and dominating everybody!!

  8. Roger had privileged up-bringing and easy run from 2003-2009 with little threat so he never had to fight for much this was his catalyst eventually and with next 12 years(2009-2021) never had that fight instinct and he faded away ..unlike djoki growing up in serbia with very little priviledge and had to fight fed.nadal,murray,wawarinka to make it to the top

  9. Never seen him beaten in straight sets,he’s still world class,and look what he has achieved in the game,but there’s younger players coming thru who are hungry I’m sure he’ll be back tho,good luck to him a true champion

  10. my grandfather said no to everyone i mailed him my last name too and u are the ony true gentleman left inthe world please marry me roger and aleivate my deep disabed heart because i am in pain a day and these pills are perfect sorry damien