Lightning win back-to-back, are 2020-2021 Stanley Cup Champions

Lightning win back-to-back, are 2020-2021 Stanley Cup Champions

For the 2nd straight year, the Tampa Bay Lightning are the Stanley Cup Champions, winning Game 5 by a score of 1-0 and clinching back-to-back Stanley Cups


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  1. As a bolt fan,im glad that they won the stanley cup but…
    Good strategy:✅
    Great team:✅
    One of the best goalie in the league:✅
    The best story:❌

    We have to admit that the canadiens had a way better story…

  2. Honestly if it wasn’t for COVID, Tampa and Montreal would both be in the same division and Montreal probably wouldn’t have made it to the finals

  3. I absoultely love how these fans and Kuch treated Montreal, if you can’t handle stuff being thrown at you or being roasted, don’t make it to the Finals. That easy. From a Red Wings fan, enjoy it Tampa, you earned it.

  4. I really wanted the Habs so I could see Price hoist the Cup. Still I’m a “hockey” fan at heart and luv the sport!! Seeing Tampa celebrating at home after they won it last yr was awesome. Seeing Stamkos in the middle w his boys was awesome. Did I say how awesome hockey is?! NHL rocks ratings!!

  5. When you think about it there has been at least 2 or 3 Russians making an impact in the last 6 cup runs.pens malkin caps ovi kuz orlov blues tarasenko barbashev lightning kuch vasi sergachev

  6. For a team that was founded in 1992, three Stanley cups in that time is pretty incredible. Especially considering how bad they were back in the day. This organization is so different now from the one I grew up watching as a kid.

  7. I know I’m late, but congratulations to the Tampa Bay Lightning on their second straight Stanley Cup. This is coming from a Habs fan btw. You guys played well all the way through, especially against the Islanders. Canada sucks at every sport and the USA succeeds, as it always should be. We don’t deserve the Nordiques back or the feeling of winning. The United States are better than Canada in every way. We are all punchlines to all Americans. We will never win anything! Hope that makes you very happy and proud of yourselves. You’re welcome. Congratulations!

  8. And this time next year, I have absolute confidence my Golden Knights would find a new way of disappointing me in the playoffs… If they ever make the playoffs at all!

  9. dude Tampa doesn’t deserve it,If your not a Tampa fan you will understand, like last season the stars should have won Tampa does not have to work hard at all,while all the other teams work there but off

  10. It's just too bad that both cups have an *asterisk attached to them, because they won't win it this year thats gonna be all folks. That whole 3rd line is gone, they won't be aloud to be 20 million over the cap going into the playoffs this year either

  11. With all do respect tamp doesn’t deserve to lift up another banner Montreal does and I’m not just saying that cause I’m a habs fan but I really think Tampa doesn’t deserve this I’m know they are a great team but I would love to see my team lift up there 25th banner and I know for a fact they are not gonna go three times in a row. Next season we will be holding the cup above our heads

  12. 2011: Tampa Bay loses by 1 point in game 7 of the third round

    2015: Loses in game 6 of the finals

    2016: Loses game 7 in third round by 1 point

    2018: Loses game 7 in 3rd round

    2019: Gets swept by CBJ in 1st round

    2020-2021: Back to back Stanley Cup Champions

    This is an excellent story of Tampa Bay. From great playoff runs to now 2 stanley cups.

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