Jurassic Park Is Actually A HORROR Movie

Jurassic Park Is Actually A HORROR Movie

Jurassic Park is by far one of the best blockbuster movies ever put on screen. It’s considered an all time favorite by so many people, for so many reasons. But Jurassic Park is so much more than a fun Spielberg Classic. Much like Spielberg’s Jaws, Jurassic Park is a very well made Horror Movie disguised as a summer blockbuster.

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  1. We we're built different when this came out. I was 7 and remember going to the cinema with my parents to watch it. Loved every single part of it and was never scared.

  2. In the case of Robert Muldoon’s death, I love how in the beginning Alan grant tells the little kid how raptors hunt, you see the first staring you down and expect to get charged in the forward direction, but since you were so focused you never knew there was a second raptor that attacked your side. Which is exactly what happened to Muldoon, and knowing this in the beginning, the audience can watch in anticipation since the guy that claims to know everything about raptors is surprised by their hunting behaviors

  3. While someone think Jurassic Park is a horror movie. I don't think it have a horror elrments like Aliens ResidentEvil or Mummy series. The reason is because while it was story of cloned dinosaurs broke out and hurt the guests compare to xenomorph, zombies or ancient evil, dinosaurs is a something unique yet not uncommon. It was like a situation like tiger, or wolf escape from zoo or a wild bear wandered into the human settlements.

    I think it was because deep down human accepted a dinosaurs as a part of their nature. Something that we can handle it with some degree. I was terrified of Big One Raptor and her sisters in JP but instead of given me a nightmare like any other horror movies I was inspired to learn more about dinosaurs and any of prehistoric life.

    The minimal of the violent scene was also help. Compare the the sister series Carnosaur, Jurassic Park violent and death scene are less bloody or gory. Which was help the viewvers digest the movie better.

  4. yo this is the ONLY movie that scared me, I even watched chucky and annabelle or some movies like that around the saame time I saw Jurassic Park and that shit wasn't anywhere near the fear that this movie gave me. sorry if you got a strock reading this english is my first language

  5. Dynamic that Jurassic Park's narrative is under the guise of Horror is inexplicable best if it's most titular moments from both the film and novel were never exposed in the final production therein the knowing the scope. Jurassic Park's Rex Escape, Nedry's Death, and Raptor Kitchen aren't profound in Horror in part from their locale and atmosphere–it isn't a film similar to Alien, Night of the Demons, _Creepshow Galaxy of Terror Dawn of the Living Dead or Carnosaur. Basically once you'd compared this blockbuster to another of Spielberg's renowned films: Jaws, it his the nail in the coffin. Interchangeably; the creative box that is Steven Spielberg's Jurassic Park reflects broad genre Suspense Thriller–and what is Suspense and Thriller, but lighter variants of Horror?

  6. Of course it’s horror. I watched this movie the first time when I was 4 on vhs because I was fascinated with dinosaurs. The image of the trex breaking its huge head through the sun roof of the car was my first jump scare because I didn’t know the trex was going to do that. Favorite movie ever.

  7. Whenever I went to one my old babysitters house, I'd watch one of the first 2 JP movies. I've probably watch those movies 100 times. Amazing movies, and I wouldn't mind a remake that follows the books more.

  8. No it's not a horror movie. There's a line between the two. A horror movie will show the gore. An action movie just escapes. This guy who made this needs to learn the difference.

  9. Spielberg even said in the making of Jurassic park that he felt as if he had a monster movie on his hands which is not what he really wanted. This is why the T-Rex is brought back at the end to "save" the cast. Showing that the dinosaurs aren't monsters out to kill humans/humanity. They are just animals doing what they do. Kill, eat, survive.
    The line given to Allen Grant to further this is him telling Lex they aren't monsters, they're animals, and these are herbivores.

  10. I have a suggestion. I really like your videos, the subjects are excellent, and interesting, your insightful and a very good host, but, I’ve noticed in a lot of your videos you talk about sound in regard to how it affects a scene or a movie etc. but you never give the example of the sound your talking about, as in when you talked about the car chase in the Matrix video, you mention how excellent the sound is done for that scene, but never play what it sounded like, so in order for me to experience it, I have to go find the movie and FF to that scene to know what your talking about. I’m assuming it probably has something to do with copyright and YT being a pain, but it would be sooo much better if you could give just a quick short example of things your explaining in your videos, I personally think it would add to the quality of your videos. Other than that, great channel!

  11. I recently re-watched this movie with my girlfriend after like 4-5 years without watching. During this watch, I never considered it as a horror movie until this last rewatch. The heavier co side ration on the horror elements on this movie and how it is well interconnected with the plot and the theme portrayed made me appreciate the movie way more!

  12. I feel Universal lately has been making the JP franchise too kid friendly with Jurassic World, they say JWFK was dark, but to me, it wasn’t at all, with too much necessary comedic moments, it just doesn’t have that much dark moments like with JP and TLW, I really wish Universal could at least take a risk and make like a survival horror video game, something that Klayton Fioriti has been campaigning for awhile

  13. I watched the movie when I was pretty young maybe 4 and to this day it is the single reason why I think human's shouldn't play god because no matter how good your intentions are it can always go wrong no matter how many precautions you take and I think it's amazing that a movie about a dinosaur theme park can instill these life lessons into my mind and have them stick for life!

  14. Dude…. what??? Are you just now discovering this as a horror movie????????? How did you not see this? You have 922k subscribers at time of writing. How did you, by your own description, not notice that this was a "very well made Horror Movie"? You've been making videos for two years?!? Did you SLEEP through your first showing? Were you just… enamored by the dinosaurs? I am absolutely flabbergasted by this. You have 922k subscribers and… THIS. THIS is where you're like "HEY GUYS, JURASSIC PARK IS A HORROR MOVIE!! I JUST FIGURED THIS OUT!!! THIS WILL REVOLUTIONIZE MOVIES!!!"

  15. I actually saw Jurassic Park the first time while flipping TV channels as a very young kid, and it was right at the beginning of the T-Rex scene, and it scared me so bad I refused to watch anything with Dinosaurs for years.

  16. And also for the mind that can only categorize things in a single way, Hitchcock's Rearview Window is a comedy because it has some funny moments.
    But if we're talking about the predominant elements Jurassic Park is an Action Adventure, with some sci-fi and horror elements sprinkled in.

  17. "Btw guys, Harry Potter is exactly like Peter Pan, just see how kids travel through magic to a different place and ignore the other 99% of the plot."
    If I had 900k subs probably some kids would also fall for that overly simplistic analysis lol

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