'Mr. Pence lost it': New book details VP's fight with Trump

'Mr. Pence lost it': New book details VP's fight with Trump

Contributing columnist to The Washington Post George Conway reacts to a new book detailing a tense exchange between Donald Trump and Mike Pence.

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  1. This is what happens when ideology is entangled with spirituality and then is mixed into politics. Trump is God "chosen" one, No matter how outrageous Trump is and was and will be, the faithful would rather die (being martyred) than go against their leader, no matter how outrageous and insane he becomes. We've seen this kind of behaviour before iin "Jones Town", Hitler's Germany, Mao Ze Dong's China, Pol Phot's Cambodia…etc. Human Behaviour, you've got to wonder.

  2. Pence will never go anywhere now. He proved time & time again he has no backbone to stand up to Trump. Trump will go down in history as the craziest President in US history.

  3. “Mr. Pence lost it. He sternly wagged his finger and even slightly raised his voice. Strangely, he also seemed to have what appeared to be a tiny little boner surfacing…”

  4. VP Pence has been a loyal LAPDOG to Barking Trump for 4 long years. He just represent the religious hypocrisy set in the mind of Evangelicals. Now that he disagreed with the Madman is not something new. After all Barking Trump as everyone in this world knows is a BULLY therefore a very insecure person who thinks that by shouting and screaming he will get what he wants. So this is really no news. Pence loyalty didn't serve him well as he found out that Trump's supporters wanted to hang him. He most likely will think about his time serving blindly a Madman.

  5. CNN is the real responsible part of this failure. CNN sold a cognitive president to Americans and now Americans in Afghanistan and their families are paying for that. Shame on CNN and all other fake news. Do you remember this cognitive guy was sleeping in his basement and CNN was campaigning for him?

  6. DOJ Warns States Not To Pursue Their Own Arizona-Style Election Audits
    August 4, 2021

    The Biden U.S. Department of Justice is now telling states that they should not pursue their own Arizona-style election audits.
    The DOJ’s new guidance document claims that undertaking “partisan” election audits could violate federal law, which seems like a clear statement directed at Republicans who support audits in states.
    “The guidance document explicitly warns against audits in which election officials are forced to turn over materials like ballots or voting machines to state lawmakers or third parties — as in Arizona, whose audit is being run by the private company Cyber Ninjas,” Forbes reported.
    “There are federal or criminal penalties attached,” the guidance asserts.
    Biden’s DOJ then suggests that those who carry out audits of the 2020 election “can face fines of up to $1,000 and imprisonment of up to one year for each violation.”

  7. Trump was the only one that knew that the dems will never stopped pushing. Trump was the only one to know the dems agenda for currupt power was never enough.
    The good guys are sooo nieve.

  8. Pence will never be President. The biggest majority of Trump supporters like Trump because they think he is like them. Truth is he is disgusted by the people that adore him. The only way he is like them is they think if you can get what you want by lying then it’s ok to lie.

  9. How could you measure the characters of a the man? He waited this long to come out clean & exposing the big lie about Tramp while he was a vice president. He supposed to do it back then not after the fact. That will tell you what kind of a man he is.