Matteo Berrettini Men's Final Post-Match Interview | Wimbledon 2021

Matteo Berrettini Men's Final Post-Match Interview | Wimbledon 2021

A proud Matteo Berrettini is interviewed on Centre Court after finishing a memorable two weeks at The Championships 2021 as the runner-up in the Gentlemen’s Singles…

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  1. Some remove the silver medal and leave the pitch when the opponent is celebrating, others praise and thank the opponent with a smile, while he is holding the trophy in front of him. Shame England

  2. Well his strength is he's much more level headed than the standard Italian players. Saying this, I'm happy to see Sinner and Musetti coming up as well as complete athletes with not just the technical skill, but the right attitude. Forza Ragazzi!

  3. In hindsight, he was definitely and legitimately a great challenger. As clear in stats, he dominated his rival in winners and aces at times while a seasoned champ Djokovic weathered his ferocious aggressive plays. Despite the lack of experience at such a big stage, his composure was laudable, holding the nerve and played well as he did until the semis. Female players are remembered in WTA, but relatively few on men's side. Hopefully a young rising star like him lead and inspire younger generations. Warm congrats!

  4. E' contento ? Eh ! ci credo ! Col premio del Queens e del secondo posto di Wimbledon torna a casa con un pacco di soldi e il settimo posto WTA. Chi non ha avuto una bella mazza di niente siamo noi. A me questo sellerone che a 25 anni va in giro col cappellino da paninaro e non ha vinto niente; sta cominciando a stare sui marroni !!!

  5. I just love this guy. He is so nice, so humble, and he plays extremely well. I honestly see him as a future nb 1
    He just has a mentality of a winner, which many other players just don't have.

  6. Two things Italians teached to English this days: what true civil behave is and how to win and to lose.
    May English do treasure of this and become more humble and less arrogant. The World don't turn around anyone.

  7. it was so heart warming to see the national football team invite him to celebrate with them on the field that night, and on the bus the next day in Rome.

  8. Sei un grande!!!! Continua con questa professionalità e serietà, sei un bravissimo ragazzo. Un esempio che tanti dovrebbero seguire e imitare. Sei corretto, serio, educato, mai sopra le righe e non esibizionista. Un piacere vederti giocare. Complimenti a te, alla tua famiglia che ti ha educato in questo modo meraviglioso e alle persone che ti seguono . Ciao

  9. Matteo played on a top level! The result is something he should be proud off. He went toe-to-toe with the world no.1 and gave him a run for all the money. Amazing job, can't wait to see him playing again.