Lockdown rules to end in England – BBC Newsnight

Lockdown rules to end in England - BBC Newsnight

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson confirms England’s lockdown rules will end on 19 July, but said it was vital to proceed with “caution”, warning “this pandemic is not over”. So, is this the right path out? Please subscribe HERE http://bit.ly/1rbfUog

England will move to the final stage of easing Covid restrictions on 19 July, ministers have confirmed.

But the prime minister said it was vital to proceed with “caution”, warning “this pandemic is not over” .

The peak of the current wave is not expected before mid-August and could lead to between 1,000 and 2,000 hospital admissions per day, according to government scientists.

Newsnight’s political editor Nick Watt and health correspondent Deb Cohen report.

Emily Maitlis is joined by Labour shadow minister Alison McGovern and Conservative MP Peter Bone.

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BBC News

BBC News


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  1. have we lost our fkn heads? when u say "recommended" that translates to "not needed" to most people in the uk. how can he be so naive to leave responsibility to a country that has shown none? Then when the cases rise everyone will complain and act surprised when restrictions are put in place again.

  2. The immune system responds to toxins or a toxic environment by flushing exosomes. Exosomes are around the same size as what they tell us is a virus and they change shape too.

  3. I believe there was serious incompetence regarding the handling of infectious waste, relating to the study of animal to human transmission of viruses. What compounded this into an international pandemic, was the concealment of vital information, that could of prevented the mess we're in now.

  4. After watching the latest covid press release on Friday, to say I'm dumbfounded is an understatement! The medical officers, were asked if people who had been vaccinated, transmit covid… Ummm well its about 70% less, this is a lie as most people that are ill with covid have had both vaccines! If covid are making the vaccinated ill then they can spread it! Please could dumb and dumber release the evidence to non symptomatic spread as well as the 70% lower spread from vaccinated people as I can't find it! What an absoult shit show! They are making it up as they go along! The wealthy are doing exactly what they want and the rest of us are expected to do as we are told! Matt Handcock, telling families they couldn't see each other, see your grandparents, yet he's at it with the help and not even wearing a mask! Royal Ascot, football, G7 and parents can't watch their childrens sports day (outside), 20 to a funeral, 30 to a wedding with no signing or dancing… Im sorry but time for the sheep to wake up and fight for our freedoms back!

  5. Until people rise up and rebel in large enough numbers, such that it overwhelms the system of control, the people will be controlled by those with ulterior motives.

  6. Is someone keeping track of the maths with covid infections? 18 months approx 540 days. between 10000 and 50000 infections a day is approx 16m, vaccines are at 40m, other people who are A-symptomatic approx 10m, it seems to me we have more infections than people. Deaths at 130k . This is just quick maths but some of the population must be getting Covid several times

  7. Haha. It won’t happen for those unmasked and not vaccinated! I guess you forgot the football match or ascot. Wait…. That will be Boris’s excuse to make up a new variant. The science advisors are on crack.

  8. personally, used to laugh at the chinese out and about in london…i prefer the freedom of expression. so been slaughtered for saying a staycation in london, yet in the the other breath, i wouldn't have my cake and eat it

  9. Devils advocate…. fairly sure more than 71% of people are glad we have speeding laws, myself included. But if I decided to ride my motorcycle at more than 60 mph down country roads that would be A- Dam stupid and B- less likely to hit someone than if i had covid and went into Tesco's without a mask.
    car fatalities 2019 – 1,752….. covid fatalities 2021 … a lot more
    And yet we have speeding laws to protect people from idiots that had to get licences to prove they could be safe.
    I know its not the same but people can be stupid, laws are in place to protect others.

  10. Not only the so-called anticovid vaccines do not cover variants, as evidenced by the facts of Israel and England, but there is also no study on the inconsistent opinion, impossible to prove, that vaccinated people are better resistant to the new attacks of the virus. In reverse, there are studies that prove how the Spike protein, introduced into the body through the vaccine, can trigger a reaction of non-neutralizing antibodies in the presence of the virus (ADE), leading to death from stroke, heart attack or pulmonary thromboembolism.

  11. I have been trying to understand whats been going on with Covid and how Politics and Science inform us and in the end I can see that there are so many twists and turns that make it impossible for me to make a rational decision. I do know that as a nation we need to grow a pair and man-up. Get back to work, start paying our way in society, stand up and be counted and show leadership as a Global Nation. We are after all a Kingdom lets start acting like one.

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  13. A real refugee is supposed to go to the first safe country. This is international law.Why are they allowed to cross the whole of Europe to come to Britain? They should be returned immediately to that first safe country. These people are not refugees they are NOT economic migrants.

  14. Here are the ones that, in my opinion, constitute the salient points of the "pandemic", in Italy and in other countries, starting from the end of 2019 until today:

    1) Spread of the virus from the city of Wuhan, but not from the fish market;

    2) Wrong indications of the WHO on the nature and danger of the virus, which have deceived most of the nations, except some;

    3) Increase in mortality due to incorrect treatments practiced in all countries, caused primarily by the lack of autopsies, which would have revealed that the cause of deaths was not attributable to interstitial pneumonia, but to pulmonary thromboembolism and other degenerations of the cardio-circulatory system;

    4) Further increase in mortality due to the fact that some cures against Covid, both in hospital and at home, were rejected by the Ministry of Health and by AIFA without valid justifications, pending the thaumaturgical power of the upcoming anticovid vaccines;

    5) Indiscriminate lockdowns based almost exclusively on the results of fallacious PCR swabs, which, with the wrong equation "positive" = "contagious", represented the main means of coercion and isolation of citizens, and contributed to the destruction of the economic and social status of the various countries;

    6) Lastly, since the news is very recent, a factor that has contributed to the mortality, namely the almost certain chimerical nature of the virus, which has prolonged the duration of the epidemic with variations and should lead to an agreement infamous between the US and China to close the issue of the Asian giant's responsibility for the spread of the virus;

    7) Use of experimental anticovid vaccines, which, instead of preventing the virus and its variants, have caused numerous deaths due to the probable ADE phenomenon, also by virtue of the denied chimerical nature of SarsCov2;

    Apart from my personal considerations, I have collected news and studies on all the points listed above, which I can also send to those interested in learning more about the whole subject.

  15. ANSA – BRUSSELS, JUN 29 –
    “The European Commission has announced that it has identified five "promising” treatments against Covid-19. These are therapies "that may soon be available" across the EU. Four are monoclonal antibodies currently under review in real time by the European Medicines Agency, another is an immuno-suppressor, already authorized for non-Covid patients and which could also receive the OK for Covid. The five products could receive the green light by October. By the same date, the Commission will develop a portfolio of at least 10 potential therapies ".

    I specify that various cures against Covid, without waiting for the approval of EMA, already existed also in 2020, when the "pandemic" was at its peak, but their experimentation was always rejected by the Ministry of Health and AIFA without any valid justification, presumably to allow the introduction of anticovid vaccines, whose testing could not be allowed in the presence of an effective cure.
    There is a case in which the deception is clear, as can be seen from the following comment of mine some time ago on the drug Adenosine:

    "In June 2020, two doctors of the Great Metropolitan Hospital of Reggio Calabria, Sebastiano Macheda and Pierpaolo Correale, had discovered that the aerosol administration of Adenosine, a well-known anti-inflammatory drug, together with other drugs, effectively contrasted the acute lung damage caused by virus covid 19, to the point that, following its use, the number of deaths of patients in intensive care in the hospital had drastically reduced. Based on these results, the two doctors formally asked AIFA to urgently submit the treatment protocol they had identified to further experimentation, but AIFA expressed its refusal with the following reasons:

    "In consideration of an indefinable risk / benefit ratio, it is believed that, given the current availability of some therapeutic options of proven efficacy, the proposed study cannot be authorized".

    The Ministry of Health and AIFA have always affirmed that there were no effective treatments against covid and that the only solution to defeat the disease would be obtained only with the preventive use of specific vaccines, while already in June 2020, by their own admission, there were "therapeutic options of proven efficacy" for the treatment of Covid 19.
    Then one of two:
    a) The therapeutic solutions of proven efficacy were the result of a guilty lie to reject the Adenosine treatment protocol, with the necessary consequence that an experiment that could have saved many lives was in fact denied;
    b) Therapeutic solutions of proven efficacy really existed, but then it is not explained why, in that same period, the number of deaths in intensive care units that used approved methods and intubations were constantly increasing, contrary to what happened in the Great Metropolitan Hospital of Reggio Calabria.
    In light of the above, I would like to remind you that the use of experimental vaccines could be authorized by the FDA and AIFA only in the absence of a valid alternative for the treatment of covid 19. This also applies to other "off label" drugs, recommended by some doctors both in hospital and at home, also proven effective in the treatment of Covid and however rejected by the same health bodies in charge "

    In any case, since I have no confidence in the EMA, it will be necessary to check in the coming days if this opening does not prove to be yet another deception.

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