Stephen A. reacts to Giannis dropping 41 in the Bucks' Game 3 win over the Suns | First Take

Stephen A. reacts to Giannis dropping 41 in the Bucks' Game 3 win over the Suns | First Take

Stephen A. reacts to Giannis dropping 41 in the Bucks’ Game 3 win over the Suns | First Take
Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman react to Giannis Antetokounmpo dropping 41 points in the Milwaukee Bucks’ 120-100 win over the Phoenix Suns in Game 3 of the 2021 NBA Finals.
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  1. Why isn’t Stephen A Smith being held accountable for his racist comments on Ohtani? His views are any immigrant, illegal or green carded, that can’t speak English is “hurting” the country. Now to take an ending scene out of A Time T o Kill. – “Imagine a guy saying these racist statements. Imagine him sitting at a desk spewing this disgusting talk out. Imagine him smugly speaking this hurtful, insensitive and tone-deaf language. Now, imagine he’s white.”

  2. I don't see MIL taking this series. PHX will come back and adjust, and if you got CP3 Book and Ayton balling out, no way MIL can compete. I also feel like PHX has a better supporting cast and depth. They'll bounce back.

  3. i hope espn knows that the views have decreased since they started having thumbnails on their videos. yes its professional but raw pause moments is what get views and people wanting to see the content

  4. Stephen A what you are also missing is the fact that not ALL black people are the same feel free to read this essay i wrote on air
    Being black in america ( a retrospective)
    “Just because egypt is in the distance doesn’t mean Jerusalem isn’t nearby”

    Imagine being a child in america in this current decade end being black: you get told that you’re not as “ smart “ or “eloquent” as others or that if you’re too eloquent your white or even worse that if your eloquent and athletic you’re a sellout to your own race well what does that have to do with me a lot.
    When I was growing up in the 80s I had a lot of questions about what life would be like but I never got them answered until much later on in life. From the age of about 5-15 I was told that because I was in special education programs just because I didn’t socialize in schools I was dumb well for me school wasn’t a place to get socialization skills it was a place to get academic ones, so much so that I didn’t know that there were things called advanced placement classes until a teacher i had in 11th grade US history had told ME they existed.
    When I was in 11th grade (2003) my school made the drastic decision to matriculate which cut the high school but it wasn’t bad for me because I didn’t even like my “classmates” because they didn’t understand that I was socially conservative and they ( let’s just call spades out) were a bunch of loud mouths. It wasn’t until that matriculation that I got to be who I was. I had been nervously excited about the change but knew it needed to happen. In fact I had written a poem about the change and a friend of mine who was a football player at the time said I should enter it into a talent show ( which I then agreed to under the guises that I wouldn’t compete and he show up ),
    Then MUCH later in life i found out that not only academically was I ahead of my culture but socially as well. Let me elaborate there are not many black people who willingly admit that they hate the national basketball association accept for me ( the last good decade was the 80s nowadays basketball players are prima donnas) . Now don’t get me wrong I grew up as a basketball “fan” because I lived down the street from the great western forum but I grew out of it just as fast. In 2010 I became a fan of the sport of bull riding (think nba meets the 400 yard dash on a thousand pound animal ) , then in 2011 I became a fan of the national association of stock car auto racing also known as nascar. In that I became a fan of the local hockey team the Los Angeles kings (and through a uncle of mine who happens to be Canadian ) got to go to a game ( after my dad went of course ) during their run to their first Stanley cup (basically hockey’s version of the nba playoffs ), just last year I became a fan of formula one ( the international version of nascar ).
    All of this to say the things that have changed my perception and perspective on life have given me a new license on how to be truly happy with myself regardless of what others think

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