The Legendary Napier Deltic – 88 Litre Opposed 2-Stroke Triangle Engine

The Legendary Napier Deltic - 88 Litre Opposed 2-Stroke Triangle Engine

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In the mid-1940s the British admiralty was looking for a new high speed, high power diesel to use in their motor torpedo boats, they turned to Napier to come up with a new engine and the result was the most powerful diesel in the world for its size and weight that went on to power Navy boats, locomotives and even the most powerful fire engine pump in the world. This is the story of the Napier Deltic super diesel engine.

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Written, Researched and Presented by Paul Shillito
Images and Footage : British Rail, English Electric, Junkers Flugzeug und Motorenwerke AG, Justin Watkins
AD ClassicTech, Lars Erik Nes, Andy Eggers, Stoat13, William Rashak, Jimmie Dobson

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  1. There is an historical/engineering principle that goes, "The highest point of any technology arrives after it has become obsolete." Case in point, the modern compound archery bow, complete with wires, pulleys, strange looking torque stabilizers and weird sights. An archer at the Battle of Crecy would have barely recognized it. And I have no idea what they would have thought about it. Likewise, engines like the Napier Deltic were far too sophisticated – over the top, really. The Germans did the same thing, coupling two of their engines together, to make doubled up engines on their Heinkel He177. Jets were coming. Piston engines had reached the end of the road. Great video!

  2. Do a video on the Roots TS3 engine. Only the British could come up with a simple truck engine that had 6 pistons, 3 cylinders and just one crankshaft! An amazing engine killed off by American ownership of Roots in the late 60s.

  3. There's a lovely video on here of a Deltic loco working freight in the highlands of Scotland quite recently. Despite being privately owned, the wrong side of 50 years old at the time and designed for express passenger work the UK was so short of locos a 3000hp engine of any sort would do. The sound echoing around the hills was remarkable. I bet the drivers loved it.

  4. Sadly China dictates the end of use of all combustion cars worldwide. Chinas boss Darth Xi told all politicians that they wont do any business with underdeveloped countries that still allow CO2 emitting traffic, airplanes or combustion based industry after 2030…I am sure USA and UK also will be forced by China to 100% electric traffic because today no industrialized country can afford sanctions by China…:-(((

  5. Basically, Napiers never produced a decent engine. The only possible exception being the Lion – and that took them about fifteen years – by which time it was a relic in any case. Typically for Napiers, the Deltic was riddled with problems that were never sorted. It's a mere curio.

  6. Two fifteen second ads at the beginning of the video.

    Sorry, because of that I am NOT going to subscribe. I know you have no control over this and I like your videos, so please forward this post to YouTube and keep up the good work!

  7. ….But THANK YOU for calling the Junkers Jumo opposed piston engine an H6! Subaru uses the H6 nomenclature and this is bullshit! This is an Opposed engine, and aircraft for 80 years have called horizontally opposed engines "O" as in Lycoming O-360!

  8. I showed my pop , a Vietnam veteran of two tours with a combat engineer company, this video and he said the spec ops guys had their quick insertion and extraction boats equipped with these engines and they were maniacally fast for their size. Up to now I had never heard of them before. Great video

  9. Alan Tudyk, do you remember that day in 2014 when I first showed up in the oil fields to work? I was just thinking about that… I had spent the night with Shelly and she had painted my fingernails and toenails red. Needless to say, I learned that wearing makeup in the oil industry is not a good idea. Wow, those were some really interesting times. I wrote some things about it and hopefully Katy still has a copy of it all. I have to say that those days working with you, Jolie, Amanda, and Gene were so much better than sitting in this goddamn basement talking to a computer algorithm. Are you still driving trucks?

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