The World's Largest Floating Solar Farm

The World's Largest Floating Solar Farm

Roughly 150km south of Shanghai a gigantic civil engineering experiment is underway that’s causing international ripples in more ways than one.

Potentially capable of providing 50% of the world’s ongoing energy needs, the clean and green technology being trialed in China’s Hangzhou Fengling Electricity Science Technology solar park will also provide employment and nutritious food for locals.


Imagery supplied via Getty Images

The World’s Largest Floating Solar Farm


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  1. It’s good to see how solar energy works but it’s also good to know where the materials used to build them are coming from and in which condition we’re getting them
    Drcongo provides 60% of the world materials used for solar energy including electrical transportation
    But in which condition we get those materials?
    Millions of people already died from conflicts caused by army groups sponsored by multinational companies with complicity of the so called powerful nations
    Are we going to stay quiet and let those innocent people being killed just because we want to drive a nice car or having electricity in house ?
    We all concerned about what it’s going on right now in east of Congo
    Take time to think how you love your family and the pain you would have you to loose your love one
    Me and you we can give hope to those people who have been rejected and killed for no reason

  2. Gotta applaud China for this one. While US is busying itself with gender politics and non binary bull manure, China is building itself for the better.

  3. Ok there is a little numbers wonkery here… phase 1 is 300GWH? And phase 2 is 120MW? Why not use the same measurement. What is the instantaneous power capacity of phase 1 (KW)?

    Is the 300GWH number an annual generation amount?

    This wonkery aside, great video.

  4. hello, i want to ask what is the standard of floating pv panels covering the surface area of a lake? is there any limitations? should we leave for at least 20% of the surface area of lake considering the maintainance and such ?

  5. Floating solar farms on manmade bodies of water, especially in bodies that support hydroelectric (as this video covers), could be far superior to land based solar farms. Mainly because, as much as greenies say that land (in land based solar) could still be used for farming, it's virtually never done in a commercial scale, only hippy scale.

    The reason meaningful farming is not done with land based solar, is the panels would have to be supported high in the air on heavy and very expensive structural framework. This, so that agricultural equipment can plant, harvest, and work the soil. Otherwise, land based solar is generally installed on chainlink fence grade tubing, which is cheap, available, and a quick and easy to install. Additionally, it doesn't have to be custom fabricated, to site specific dimensions, as would welded steel beams and columns.

    However, there are some challenges due to freeze thaw, in the floating arrangement, mainly related to the floating power leads, as seen in the video. Perhaps by making the cables a size too small, the warm cable temperatures will not let ice form, which could be an elegant solution.

    In my opinion, there will eventually be a commercial roofing solution that uses large format solar panels as the actual roof. It wouldn't be that difficult to do now, as there are roofs made from thick glass. Certainly, homes should utilize standard roof mounted solar especially new builds. I won't go into it here, but there are issues with solar, being DC and having to be converted to AC, whereas fossil fuel generation, hydroelectric and wind turbines output AC, directly from a wound generator. This power is far superior to that generatorated from solar.

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