Was the Angled Flight Deck Missed on HMS Queen Elizabeth?

Was the Angled Flight Deck Missed on HMS Queen Elizabeth?

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Why does HMS Queen Elizabeth have a straight deck design? At one point, an angled flight deck was planned to be implemented but it didn’t happen. But why? It’s #NotWhatYouThink, or is it?

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  1. I've always wondered why the carriers don't have down hill decks with ramps. Like skate boarders can take off with just a little half pipe so why can't jets do something similar?

  2. LOL, ok i stopped the video at 0:05 as soon as i saw the first picture with he carrier. Since on my first cruise we did a world tour and circumnavigated the globe (started from San Diego, did our tour in the Arabian Gulf and then headed towards Norfolk Virginia where my carrier the USS Carl Vinson (CVN-70) was being dry docked in 2005) we had to pass through this body of water. I think its the Suez Canal… If its not it sure looks like it.. Anyone know? Maybe it tells me later on in the video.

  3. non STOVL F55s can carry much more ordinance,
    this makes them superior at ground attack,
    more room without lift fan there's more room for bombs,
    stealth requires weapons to be stored internally, although the F35 does have wing hardpoints that can be fitted.

  4. Yeah, the Lizzie class got hit hard by the change of government. Labour was in the habit of screwing the defence industry by randomly cancelling shit, they FINALLY got thrown out in 2010, and the economy was still in shambles.

  5. Dave Morgan had to do a rolling landing during the Falklands after taking a 20mm round to the tail of his Sea Harrier FRS.1 during the first strike on Port Stanley airport. He wasn't confident that he was going to be able to get a stable hover for a vertical landing.

  6. I always thought another reason for the angled flight deck was so if a plane didn't complete the landing, the plane would come off the deck away from the the bows, causing less carrier damage.

  7. Why STOVL?
    It can be used in more extreme weather conditions, the shortfalls are supported by auxiliary vessels.
    When the refits occur new aircraft that are being developed will integrate with the ship.

  8. The Queen Elizabeth was obsolete before it was launched. Building warships on the cheap never works. For example, the British can put nuclear reactors into submarines but the new carrier is conventionally powered and will always need expensive oilers nearby for refueling. Planes used on the ship are limited in payload. A non-angled deck and no arresting wires limits the kind of planes the ship can carry. Two 'islands' mean that a strategically placed bomb puts the ship out of action. The new USS Ford puts much of the ship's controls out of harm's way.

  9. Because the RN has uses STOVL aircraft and so their carrier doesn't require an angled deck, catapults or arrester cables. I remember a challenge taken up by a US carrier from a British Harrier pilot that no matter what manoeuvre the US carrier did he could land his plane on his deck and he did

  10. Falklands conflict proved Ark Royal and it's harriers. How many harrier pilots actually died in the Falklands? 4. The word complicated should be replaced with sophisticated. If you think being further away makes you less vulnerable from 800km range anti ship missiles you are sorely mistaken. It's about the onboard defence capabilities. As for drones needing arresting gear only ones that are jet driven; and who's to say they won't acquire VTOL in the end either? Also air to air refuelling can effectively double range dependent on location.

  11. Nimitz is good because it can be used as an emergency runway for a lot of non naval aicraft the brits really dont know what they are doing from 303. in spitfires instead of .50 so not building a real aircraft carrier they just choke at everything

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