Edward Snowden on spyware: 'This is an industry that should not exist'

Edward Snowden on spyware: 'This is an industry that should not exist'

The NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden reacts to the Pegasus project disclosures about widespread abuse of NSO Group’s spyware by governments around the world

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  1. Yes, they will use the cellphone as a manipulative tool to create a
    " profile" that they narrate with wrong numbers, robo. calls, and a few wrong clicks but dials, etc, pretty soon an innocent boy next door turns into a monster of mass destruction.

  2. Snowden (or whatever his real name is) is a controlled opposition goon. "Oh i think everyone should use 'Signal' because it had end to end encryption." All's he did was corral all the people that want to hide their info into one area. You see, people, they don't have the resources to go through 9 billion people. So they need actors like Snowden to lead you resistance fighters into their clutches. Use the most mainstream software and hide among the numbers. And remember this: if they made a Hollywood movie about it (regardless of the topic), don't trust it.

  3. Simulation Facebook shutting down, many more will happen,watch out twitter and youtube and nsa and cia ,google you might be shutdown ,these tech giants will pay ransom to develop poor countries, hahahehe many hackers and computer literate and will shutdown any big tech if they become too proud and Luciferic and Satanic***

  4. I knew about it before Snowden. I felt being watch. I used to take out my battery in the beginning, before they made smartphones with the battery built in. Freedom is gone. If more people will fight for their rights it would make a difference.

  5. Snow lives in Russia, the government of Russia wouldn't allow him to, if they couldn't control and manipulate what he says and does. Putin's best friend wrote a book on how to destroy American democracy. If Snowden wasn't part of this plan, Putin wouldn't allow one word out of his mouth.
    Russia's has almost absolute control of their internet.
    How clueless, do you choose to be?

  6. We need this man to be alive forever because he is one of the only people left that can do things like this and speak out about things and you know that he is telling the truth

  7. 3:21 I'm no politician, journalist, lawyer or a danger to society, I'm just an ordinary person and I'm a victim of this and I know my perpetrators. If you only knew who they are! Rich white men who likes to play with their toys and put down people who's lesser rich than they are.

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