NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – July 19th, 2021

NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - July 19th, 2021

Pediatrics group says all students should wear masks in school, U.S. accuses China of cyberattacks, and Jeff Bezos poised to be second billionaire in space. Watch “NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt” at 6:30 p.m. ET / 5:30 p.m. CT (or check your local listings).

00:00 Intro
01:25 Back-To-School Mask Guidance
06:25 Inside New Covid Surge
08:16 Biden Blames China For Cyberattack
10:05 Deadly Floods
11:50 Billionaire Space Race: Jeff Bezos Prepares For Launch
14:57 Restoring Notre Dame
16:11 Inspiring America: MLB History Being Made

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  1. I hope America has a plan. Please have these crisis center line up to help individuals. Already had someone calling in a crisis situation. But I was glad to help in tough situations. Pray for the whole world to get better. Everyone is going through something even if it is not bad then others.

  2. Yes I think people should wear mask.The virus is not gone all the way. Care about each other.Don't people don't listen.They care. Places should'nt be closed down all the way .People need to be working. Look out for each other. God Blessevery one

  3. Everything is a great show and a great hypocrisy! Both political parties of the United States, as well as many agencies of Cuban-American owners that profit from the need and pain of Cubans have been manipulating the feelings of Cubans through their personal interest’s agendas…

    But sadly for them, Cuba is just one more tool for the benefit of all, except for the Cubans inside the island, who desperately need help to combat the accumulated needs for more than 60 years.

    These needs, which are exacerbated even more as a result of a global pandemic that has been affecting even the most developed countries … Really, only a genocidal mind can think of maintaining an embargo in the current situation, becoming a true death sentence for an entire country, who will die from the suffocation of the great American empire embargo, or as a consequence of Covid-19 …

    Many put their passions and personal interests above what is fair, but this should not surprise anyone, since there are many Cubans who say they love their relatives, but when it comes to helping them, they put the idea that when doing so, they would help the "Regimen" of Cuba… They murmur among themselves sympathizing with each other, while they observe a cat that drowns in an oil tank, and the cat dies in front of their eyes because no one dares to get their hands muddy trying the cat to be safe and live.

    On the other hand, while the Cuban government MAYBE owes the United States money as a result of properties seized more than 60 years ago, how much more does the United States owe Cuba? especially to those people or to an entire country that has been suffering under our supervision for more than 60 years, and that because of the pressures caused by the United States itself, many young people, driven by despair, have lost their lives at sea, trying to achieve a better life or future for themselves and their loved ones?

    Cuba was supposed to have been a free country for many years ago, if it had not been for the interference of the United States, which before the arrival of the Castro’s had taken over almost the entire island… There would never have been a Castro, if not there would have been a Batista and a mafia that responded to the colonial interests of the United States of America … To understand the current situation in Cuba, one must learn about everything that happened long after 1959. For many it is easier to repeat what others say, without looking for information on their own, these are like illiterate or mentally disabled people, who sit in a chair, to listen to all the lies by which they are fed…

    And I would ask; in this great empire where many of us live and where legal rights are defended beyond our borders… Who will be responsible for compensatory damages to those families that have suffered all these years of blockade under our watch?

    While the United States government intimidates Americans about communism in Cuba, as a way of driving by fear our population to where they want us to be… on the other hand, they do business with China, Russia and other communist countries… Isn’t it sounding strange to you?

    For those who do not know, the United States Every year uses more than 1.3 billion dollars from taxpayers money to maintain this embargo on Cuba, that all it seeks is to create a desperate situation within the people of Cuba so that they fight against the regime, this way once this people has done the dirty work, and surrogate the blood of their children in exchange for “DEMOCRACY” then it will come the "Great Empire" with the air of a hero, while hiding under his jacket the true intentions of taking over an entire country, like they did before, a country that will never be able to enjoy a true freedom … In other words, it would be like passing from the hands of one yoke to the hands of another oppression…

    It is time for many to understand that it is not about how much these people or our empire of United States cares about the people inside Cuba, it is about the Empire’s own interests… There is no worse blind than one who does not want to see this…

    Hypocrisy! And lies! If there is no embargo on Cuba as some people; So, let's ask the United States Congress to remove it once and for all, Yes, because it really exists! If you did not know, there are 184 countries that have been demanding 29 consecutive years at the United Nations that the blockade be lifted, and our country has been acting as a true thug that ignores the demands of the world … And if you do not believe that this exists called Blockade or Embargo, I invite you to see the following link … https://news.un.org/en/story/2021/06/1094612 belonging to the official website of the United Nations.

    How ironic, on the other hand, is the fact, that the United States can spend millions of dollars to reestablish the Internet in Cuba, because they are very concerned about Cubans on the island … Is it that the Internet will fill the stomach of those people? Or will it only serve the macabre interests of our empire that far from truly stopping the hunger and misery caused by its embargo, all they want is to see "The Running Blood" to seek by all means a justification to intervene Cuba’s island with its macabre and hidden purposes?

    Why better not use the money of the American taxpayers, to provide food to people in need because of a crisis that we are all experiencing, especially in these times of scarcity and need due to the epidemic? Of course, this would be the case, if in reality this country of ours really cared about the well-being of those people inside Cuba.

    Many people try to distort reality, and although we should condemn Cuba's totalitarian regime and its repression, perhaps we should also ask ourselves; is the empire of the United States innocent? Or is it also largely responsible for the pain and suffering of a country that is struggling and suffering because of our manipulations and economic suffocation?

    Well says the scriptures in the book of Matthew 7: 15-20 "By their fruits you will know them" There can be no goodness or feelings for the good of those women, the elderly and children inside the island of Cuba, when cowardly taking advantage of a time when all the countries of the hemisphere are dying or suffering the blow of a deadly epidemic, now more than ever, we suffocate an entire country with the sole purpose of making them face their leaders…

    What Leaders? Some will ask indignantly, referring to the corruption within the island that we all know; Well, I invite you to look to your side, since here in the United States we also have corruption, discrimination, and human rights abuses, and no one sanction us, or intervenes to make war on us… See, our Ex-President used the military force, hitting and throwing gas bombs and rubber bullets indiscriminately at a population for the simple fact of posing in front of a church while taking a picture with a bible in their hands… And it does not end here, because although many of our police officers are prosecuted and found guilty as a result of their abuses every year, many other cases of racism or police abuse go unpunished because of the corruption that also exist at the different levels of our "DEMOCRACY" system that we want to export or impose on other countries…


    You see, freedom and dignity are not asked for, or begged for. This was said by José Martí, and the point is that many have exchanged their dignity for a plate of food, a roof, a car, or a political and social position. They have left their country, to live here under the aegis of the United States.

    But listen; Now I want to illustrate you in the following way; If someone makes your life impossible by preventing you from getting a job, or doing business with others without being intimidated, suffocating you and your family and driving you to misery, making your children leave your side, blaming you for not being able to support them, and soon; you see the cause of all your ills to appear before the press and the media pretending to be a hero who wants to help you … offering the crumbs from his table as a great humanitarian aid … Would you accept it? Or would you send him to take "His help from him" and put it where the sunlight doesn't shine? You understand? There are many who do not know this type of reaction or behavior, because they do not know the true meaning of the word "DIGNITY"

    Why do the news channels silence and hide their voices about this great truth? Why do Americans keep this issue in silent complicity, when so many countries have been demanding justice? Please share this information with others.

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