China floods: Dozens dead and thousands displaced in Henan | DW News

China floods: Dozens dead and thousands displaced in Henan | DW News

A clean-up operation is underway in China’s central Henan province after devastating floods. Days of heavy rain has left much of the region submerged. At least 33 people have been killed, thousands displaced and many are still missing. But there was a moment of hope when rescuers pulled a three-month-old baby from a collapsed building in Zhengzhou City. Local media say the baby was buried under the rubble for a day and a night before being found. The child is now in hospital and in stable condition.
Many areas in Henan province still lack basic services – and residents are taking stock of the devastation.
Flood waters rushed through Gongyi city, near the capital of Henan province. Leaving behind not only an immense clean up, but also an immeasurable sense of loss.
Things won’t be returning to normal anytime soon. With authorities struggling to cope with the scale of the disaster.
Days of heavy rains have brought cities in Henan province to a standstill. Stranded residents wait for rescue boats or heavy machinery to carry them to safety.
Even now, the scale of the disaster is still emerging. Subway commuters watch the waters fill up the carriages all the way up to their necks. Many died in this incident on Wednesday – before emergency workers could reach those trapped inside.
Horrific images like these creating widespread anger that authorities didn’t shut down trains earlier.
More than three million people in Henan province have been affected by the record rains, with tens of thousands now living in emergency shelters. Others have been out on the streets, picking through the mud to see what remains.


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