How The Tesla Semi Compares With TuSimple

How The Tesla Semi Compares With TuSimple

This juggernaut of a startup looks set to drive off with a truckload of the hefty $4 trillion global freight market. And with its fleet of futuristic self-driving lorries already in service across the US and China, Tusimple can indeed claim its miles ahead of its rivals.

So who are these upstart truckers, what makes their technology worth its billion-dollar IPO, and can they stave off competition from the most beloved name in transportation?


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How TuSimple Plans To Compete With Tesla


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Tech Vision

Tech Vision


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  1. Silly to make trucks to destroy road with the sheer weight of them versus bringing back electric trains to haul goods a lot faster and a better economic value.

  2. VISION – no Comparison, HANDS DOWN Tesla makes the very BEST Full Time LEVEL 4 Autopilot FSD in the WORLD.
    everyone else is only LEVEL 1 or 2 ADAS , with some still using RADAR and LIDAR , and GEO fenced systems.
    TESLA has DELETED Radar and has never needed LIDAR or GEO fencing. TESLA only uses PURE VISION.
    TESLA AP FSD can Operate anywhere in the WORLD where there is a ROAD, even a Dirt one or a Gravel one.
    and TESLA AP FSD Beta V9 can even operate DOOR to DOOR with ZERO Intervention drives.

  3. VISION – TruSimple SEMI are INEFFICIENT and too HEAVY.
    the TESLA SEMI is Thousands of KG less than TruSimple .
    and the TESLA SEMI are all STREEMLINED and built with ALL Composite Monocoque materiels .
    the TESLA 4 Electric Traction motors are Extremely efficient and can Accelerate the SEMI to 0 – 60 under 3 Seconds , FASTER than a PORSCHE 911.

  4. Biden is a irresponsible destructive fool and a political hack, bordering on madness. He has done more to demote America than the Taliban has. He is bought and sold, owned by China.

  5. Yes a truck barrelling along at speed could cause a lot of damage. However as you pointed out at the beginning 95% of truck accidents are caused by human error. Take that human out of the equation and trucking accidents almost cease. Especially on long distance hub2hub trucking. The thing most humans say they don't want to do anyway.

  6. Great general review of the company. A little more on the background of the CEO would be helpful. The Nvidia chip used here is widely used by most Chinese based autonomous driving companies.

  7. How will solar flares impact the industry if/when they occur? How will each truck be prevented from being hacked or for that matter, jacked? We see that hackers WILL figure out how to get in to anything and so will thieves.

  8. There's no way a truck will be allowed to roll without a safety driver. Unless TuSimple and Tesla undertake some intense lobbying. But then, will a carrier even pay the extraordinarily high fees to own and operate an autonomous truck? When it's still cheaper to underpay an illegal immigrant.

  9. I think you guys don't realize how much these guys (making the video) have no idea what they're talking about. It's like a very cheap ad for Tusimple. First of, autonomous cars / trucks crash more than human drivers. Pretending the opposite is just a lie. Also, trucks could then be hacked, or the goods could be stolen… Third, it couldn't drive in many weather conditions like storm, snow, and so on. Insurances will in no way be cheaper since we actually have no idea who's gonna be responsible in case of crash. Fourth, what would the truck do if a tire blows up? Well actually there are more problems than that but I'm too lazy to write them down.

  10. As a point of information for those watching this video, this isn’t about trucking, this about a technology company & they’re going to supply the technology to enable these big rigs to transform into a smart truck that can navigate autonomously the nations highways & they are now in the proving phase of their technology & it will be up to each individual state in the US to agree that this is something that should be allowed & I don’t see how you say no if the technology proves out to be safer than humans or at least as safe as human drivers, which isn’t a very high bar in my opinion! So unlike Tesla who intends to control the entire operation from its concept to manufacture & production to the actual technology that will permit autonomous trucks to navigate the roads and highways of the nation & in fact the world, as their number one priority is the transitioning of the world to a sustainable energy solution, so they have a broader mission then say TuSimple past and they have tons of data already to formulate into a solution and if not TuSimple or Tesla then who, because this horse has left the barn and this Genie will not be put back in for a bottle, so technology is not subject to the whims of one company or one country as technology is being driven by a global competition and if a US based company doesn’t lead the way, then some other company in some other country will do it & that’s my take! Cheers & welcome to the new year!

  11. How does this truck do a level 1 Dot inspection? All truck s are subject to random safety inspection of truck and trailer and subject to a national security inspection eather on the side of the road or in a scale house.

  12. So the people at TU Simple are setting their alarm clocks tonight to help them get up In the morning and go do a job that will destroy the average working mans job tomorrow.

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