Deadly floods in Germany: What remains | Focus on Europe

Deadly floods in Germany: What remains | Focus on Europe

Days of heavy rainfall in Germany have left western parts of the country devastated by floods. More than 150 people have lost their lives so far, and many are still missing. Residents are concerned for their future.


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  1. I come from Germany and this is true, everyone should know:
    The authorities knew 5 days before what would happen – and did not warn the population. The sirens were switched off shortly before and did not warn. Professional help, for example from the fire department, was prevented. The people must help themselves! Also TODAY is prevented with military action that help comes to the destroyed areas INCREDIBLE! Nearby there are mass graves from the 2nd World War, where thousands of Germans were left starved to death by the Allies. Almost nobody knows about it.
    A German politician, Mr. Laschet, has amused himself deliciously about the disaster, it goes through all media.

  2. Very sad but 100 yrs flood come and go but "flood plains stay" especially those beautiful low lands near creeks and rivers. In the US flood insurance is very expensive and it gets subsidized by the the government (US taxpayers).

  3. Apparently the lessons learned from Katrina in the USA and flood insurance didn't reach Europe. Hopefully the lessons learned in California and the wildfires insurance reality has. Be safe and save your money. Hindsight is always 20/20.

  4. Global crisis. This applies to everyone. The conference explains the reason for the tropical rainfall and what the way out of this .12 thousandth cycle ….. will unite in building a Creative Society. At Allftraunites. com we read …. We look at the ALLATRA TV YouTube channel

  5. Markus Duwe, a German pilot who sprayed Silver Iodide into rainclouds (toxic to aquatic life) – to "prevent weather damage to vineyards, farmland, cars, solar cells and buildings." Who, should pay compensation?

  6. Complain all you want. They are in a flood zone. As a owner or renter, you have to know what is covered and what isn't. You live next to a river, you should always expect a flood, small or big. People living on hills are doing great. An insurance company won't say something is too expensive, that's the words from the reporter. If They have insurance, they'll get something. If not, they should sue. But that's the chance people take living next to a river.

  7. Please watch online conference “GLOBAL CRISIS. THIS ALREADY AFFECTS EVERYONE” on the platform of Allatra platform. CREATIVE SOCIETY is the only way out from the current situation.

  8. WOW! such an intlectual question ! I can´t believe how inteligently you adressed the points i made! WOW you must be soooo inteligent !!!! Congratulations!!! ( it's irony in case your tiny brain has not noticed)

  9. وَلَنُذِيقَنَّهُمْ مِنَ الْعَذَابِ الْأَدْنَى دُونَ الْعَذَابِ الْأَكْبَرِ لَعَلَّهُمْ يَرْجِعُونَ
    And indeed We will make them taste of the Penalty of this (life) prior to the supreme Penalty, in order that they may (repent and) return.

  10. Do you know now why there is a day when people will be held accountable on the Day of Resurrection? No one can enumerate people's problems and issues and the injustice that happened to them, whether from insurance companies or others, except ( allah) the creator (s.w.t)God Almighty.

  11. What do you expect through your prayers? People keep doing the same mistake. Using the planet ressources in an absolute irresponsible way. I will pray when ppl change their ways. Otherwise it's absolutely useless.

  12. The most dangerous weapon in human history that America and Israel have are in the hands of an Egyptian scientist!

    The Arab Media Network "Muhit" reported, according to informed circles, that an Egyptian scientist, no more than 40 years old, named Mustafa Helmy, who works in an American laboratory, has come to control the weather in any country in the world through the so-called "cimetrile" gas.
    The network reported that the Egyptian world has achieved the development of natural phenomena such as lightning, thunder, earthquakes, rain, hurricanes, floods and droughts in any part of the world. According to the information, the development brought about by the Egyptian scientist has saved ten years of research effort for Western scholars working in this field.
    Cimetrile gas is the latest weapon of mass destruction and is used to create natural phenomena and cause horrific damage to "unwanted" countries and places.
    This weapon is chemical compounds that can be deployed at specific air altitudes to create specific weather phenomena. The firing of chemtrail gas in the air by one of the aircraft leads to changes in the normal wind paths and other unfamiliar changes in the weather that result in thunderbolts, lightning, thunder and drought without any rain.
    Despite these catastrophic repercussions, cimetril can be used in peaceful, utilitarian fields, as it has an effective role in reducing global warming. It is also very useful in the phenomenon of "cloudiness" in arid regions.
    However, Washington used this technology for colonial purposes, so that cimetrail became the most modern weapon of mass destruction, according to Muhit.
    Chemtrail was discovered by the former Soviet Union, where it had an early advantage over America in the field of climate engineering when it obtained the results of old studies in the early last century by the Serbian researcher Nikola Tesla. Climate engineering has now moved from the Soviet Union to China.
    And America was known as "chemtrail" with the collapse of the Soviet Union and the migration of the Serbian researcher Nikola Tesla and Russian scientists to America, Europe and Israel. Chemtrail research was developed at the hands of Washington and reached scientific bases and applications that lead to mass destruction.
    Washington has succeeded in obtaining the approval of the United Nations and the World Health Organization in 2000 to use cimitrile technology to reduce global warming at the global level, despite the fears of many scientists about its side effects on human health.
    Muhit said that the locust swarms that attacked Egypt, North Africa, the northern Red Sea and the Southeast Asia region over Saudi Arabia and Jordan in late 2004, were mainly caused by cimetric gas, after spraying that area with the claim of reducing global warming.
    According to secret documents that the Egyptian scientist saw, the Americans secretly released cimitrile for the first time over North Korea's airspace, which led to the drying and destruction of rice crops and the death of millions. This weapon was also used in the Tora Bora region of Afghanistan, to dry it out and push the population to migrate.
    The scientist discovered that this weapon was launched by NASA in 1991 over Iraq and Saudi Arabia before the Second Gulf War after it was loaded with the active strain of the genetically engineered microbe for the US Department of Defense for use in biological warfare. American soldiers were vaccinated with the protective microbe vaccine, but 47% of them returned infected. The US Defense and Health Departments claimed that it was an unknown disease called "Gulf disease." The truth was discovered by the American physician Garth Nicholson, who referred to the diseases caused by cimitrile gas in the places where it was released, including nosebleeds, influenza epidemics, temporary amnesia and even AIDS.
    The Egyptian scientist also discovered that the cyclone "Juno" that struck the Sultanate of Oman and caused great devastation and devastation to Iran, was caused by the use of "cimitrile", and that it was an American and Israeli industry. Iran was the intended target of this destruction, but due to the error of some calculations the cyclone turned into The Sultanate of Oman, by the time it had reached Iran, its destructive power was exhausted.
    Source: "ocean"

  13. German government WILL dp something for their people, be ause people there have far more say than here in US, and polititians listen. Here theynmake laws that only protect the corporations. Ordinary people are in great disadvantage in this country!

  14. 2 Chronicles 7:14– and My people who are called by My name humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, will forgive their sin and will heal their land.

  15. When these floods first came in South Asian countries, Europe said none of their problem, Now it's your turn please take climate change seriously and create pressure on world to act wisely.

  16. All those house which are affected are very close to river, in fact it appears to me houses have been constructed in river bed. Remember river always claims its land, First I thought this is problem of South Asian cities that they are building in river bed, astonished to see state of developed countries.

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