COVID-19's third wave causes havoc in South Africa | DW News

COVID-19's third wave causes havoc in South Africa | DW News

COVID-19 has triggered a surge in deaths in Africa – with health authorities unable to contain its spread. The World Health Organisation says the delta variant of the virus is to blame – particularly in South Africa, which was seeing nearly 20,000 new daily cases earlier this month.
South African President Cyril Ramaphosa announced that some coronavirus restrictions would be lifted now that case numbers have started to decline again.
But the country’s healthcare system is still under severe stress, as DW’s Christine Mhundwa reports from Johannesburg.


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  1. Lies ,lies , lies. Dont believe this news, do your own research, ask someone u know in south africa. We know news is just propoganda to shape your mind. Induce fear.

  2. truth be told , on the ground, in our communities we dont experience these things portrayed in media. we also just see these things on media, otherwise generally on the ground people are well , happy and there is no fear of covid at all , not even a crisis, we dont see it . this makes us thing maybe there are two South Africa and we live in a space South Africa

  3. Why your channel not showing graves of hundreds of germans who died in recent floods.Your channels draws sadistic pleasure by showing pain and agony of other countries.Pls show your own graveyards.

  4. Can we please get DW News a map? You should be talking about a province in South Africa and not slap one report for a whole country. Start by understanding that South Africa is 3 times the size of Ukraine. Or 5 times bigger than the UK. But only 9 million more people living in the UK. These things matter when you ask 3 people about their experience in one hospital… no? Also, you could have mentioned that the schools are open again? Oh, and I had some wine that I bought yesterday.

  5. “Nobody was ready for” .. c'mon people, we knew exactly from our history it was going to be like this (see Spanish flu *yawn*), but noooooooo, let's keep pretending it's not that bad .. while we exceeded those numbers a LONG time ago .. but noooooooo, “don't be a sheep”, argl…

  6. Those who want to repent in Jesus name Acts 2:38, receive the Holy Spirit in your heart, the conviction of the Holy Spirit guides you out of sin continuously and forever.

  7. "The Delta-Variant is to be blamed" – FALSE.

    The Delta-Variant is the result not the cause.
    The cause is the sugar (and alcohol for the sake) in our diet which makes the virus replicate very rapidly.

  8. If people who actually live in South Africa are actually commenting that they are not experiencing how this media is portraying ( which is most likely the absolute truth ) please do not believe everything you read or see on here…someone is still fighting to spread the fear to keep covid..and its happening worldwide…

  9. Is this report from last year or something?? This isn't accurate right now. Hospitals don't turn people away here and we've just reopened schools and other places. DW usually reliable reporting but this..? Nah

  10. *CEASE & DESIST Nuremberg Trials 2.0 have begun. Everyone PROMOTING, MANDATING, INJECTING… the Covid19, US Military's bioweapon will be executed for crimes against humanity.

  11. All I can say is, people around us die coz of the people that don't care, I have a friend in UK, things are getting worse, and they receive stuff that we never hear of. Please people, I have lost friends that don't want vaccine, please just go and get yourself vaccinated. Think of your family that you leave behind, they love you, just go and get vaccinated please

  12. Is that the result of africans not having neanderthal DNA? I've just watched a DW news showing the neanderthal DNA in us makes us less vulnerable to covid. Africans don't have that DNA.

  13. Whatever happened to old fashioned penicillin…don't give me stuff about antibiotics won't work with viral diseases. That's all lies because farm animals catch viral diseases and they are given antibiotics all the time.

  14. Typical mainstream media fear mongering. I'm South African and covid is not one of the main killers, more people die of TB and daily murders. But the government doesn't lockdown the country because of the crime pandemic we live with.

  15. DW news has no courage to say Covid-19 first originated from Wuhan, China, yet they have audacity to mention that Delta variant first detected from India. Origin of Covid-19 is more important than the outcome because viruses keep on mutating anywhere in the world.
    For Germany trade with China is more important than human lives.