India floods & mudslides kill more 110 dead with many still missing | DW News

India floods & mudslides kill more 110 dead with many still missing | DW News

The search for missing continues in western India’s Maharashtra state after heavy monsoon rains inundated residential areas across the region. More than 110 people have been confirmed dead, and officials warn the toll is likely to continue to climb.
Rescue teams using borrowed boats and rubber rafts picked up stranded villagers from the rising waters and took them to safety. So far, more than 100,000 people have been rescued from nearly 900 villages. But not even those on high ground were safe. After weeks of heavy rain, the saturated ground on this hillside liquified and gave way – wiping out a village below.
The torrent of mud struck at around 05:30 in the morning. Witnesses say many people were engulfed and swept away as they tried to flee. Others were still asleep, unaware of the wave of debris bearing down on them.
The National Disaster Response Force said they had already recovered more than 40 bodies, but they fear for at least 50 people who are still missing in the sea of debris. There’s little hope that anyone trapped under the mud would have survived.
The army has been brought in to help. As the search continues, anxious relatives wait for news. All too often anxiety gives way to grief.
India’s weather bureau forecasts heavy rainfall to continue for the next few days, and has issued red alerts for several regions.


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  1. Monsoons, floods and mudslides are a common, yearly occurrence in India…and each year they seem to get worse. What is the Indian government doing to prepare for these yearly events and manage the human encroachment on the environment so as to lessen the impact of the same?

  2. Denial of climate change needs to stop and humans need to start modifying their behaviors for the long term; if not, it will be too late and a hopeless situation. All completely preventable.

  3. So many places arround the globe , are in such disasters.
    Floods in America , Europe, Middle east , Golf, Asia .
    After Covids , then rains , storms, floods, earth quake .
    what is waiting more in the future , only God knows well .

  4. India did not spend money on poor but focused on aggression, though it should pay more on its poor people. Look, this is what it did to its neighbor countries.

    —Annexed Kalapani from Nepal in 1962;
    —Annexed Turtuk from Pakistan in 1971;
    —Separated Eastern Pakistan from Pakistan to become Bangladesh in 1971;
    —Annexed Tin Bigha from Bangladesh in 1972;
    —Annexed Sikkim to become one of its states in 1975;
    —Tried to invade Mauritius but failed in 1983;
    —Committed massacres of Sikhism, captured their territories and attacked
    Harmandir Sahib so Sikhism believers assassinated Indian Prime Minister
    Indira Gandhi in 1984;
    —Invaded Sri Lanka in 1987;
    —1st time invaded Bhutan and failed in 1990 due to international pressure, but
    has controlled its defense and diplomatic affairs till now;
    —Supported and financed the terrorist organization Tamil LTTE to rebel against
    Sri Lanka government but gave it up later under great international pressure.
    The betray triggered huge anger of LTTE so it assassinated its Prime Minister
    Rajiv Gandhi in 1991;
    —Annexed Dooars from Bhutan in 2006;
    —Annexed Moreh from Myanmar in 2013;
    —2nd time invaded Bhutan but failed in 2017 due to international pressure;
    —Tried to invade Maldives in 2018;
    —Invaded Nepal and one of its soldiers was shot dead by
    Nepal Security force in Jun of 2020;
    —Keeps nibbling lands from ChinaTibett and Kashmir that led to a war in 1962 and
    border conflicts with China till today;
    —Keeps nibbling lands from Pakistan Kashmir that led to daily border
    wars and gun fights;
    —And more…..

  5. The most dangerous weapon in human history that America and Israel have are in the hands of an Egyptian scientist!

    The Arab Media Network "Muhit" reported, according to informed circles, that an Egyptian scientist, no more than 40 years old, named Mustafa Helmy, who works in an American laboratory, has come to control the weather in any country in the world through the so-called "cimetrile" gas.
    The network reported that the Egyptian world has achieved the development of natural phenomena such as lightning, thunder, earthquakes, rain, hurricanes, floods and droughts in any part of the world. According to the information, the development brought about by the Egyptian scientist has saved ten years of research effort for Western scholars working in this field.
    Cimetrile gas is the latest weapon of mass destruction and is used to create natural phenomena and cause horrific damage to "unwanted" countries and places.
    This weapon is chemical compounds that can be deployed at specific air altitudes to create specific weather phenomena. The firing of chemtrail gas in the air by one of the aircraft leads to changes in the normal wind paths and other unfamiliar changes in the weather that result in thunderbolts, lightning, thunder and drought without any rain.
    Despite these catastrophic repercussions, cimetril can be used in peaceful, utilitarian fields, as it has an effective role in reducing global warming. It is also very useful in the phenomenon of "cloudiness" in arid regions.
    However, Washington used this technology for colonial purposes, so that cimetrail became the most modern weapon of mass destruction, according to Muhit.
    Chemtrail was discovered by the former Soviet Union, where it had an early advantage over America in the field of climate engineering when it obtained the results of old studies in the early last century by the Serbian researcher Nikola Tesla. Climate engineering has now moved from the Soviet Union to China.
    And America was known as "chemtrail" with the collapse of the Soviet Union and the migration of the Serbian researcher Nikola Tesla and Russian scientists to America, Europe and Israel. Chemtrail research was developed at the hands of Washington and reached scientific bases and applications that lead to mass destruction.
    Washington has succeeded in obtaining the approval of the United Nations and the World Health Organization in 2000 to use cimitrile technology to reduce global warming at the global level, despite the fears of many scientists about its side effects on human health.
    Muhit said that the locust swarms that attacked Egypt, North Africa, the northern Red Sea and the Southeast Asia region over Saudi Arabia and Jordan in late 2004, were mainly caused by cimetric gas, after spraying that area with the claim of reducing global warming.
    According to secret documents that the Egyptian scientist saw, the Americans secretly released cimitrile for the first time over North Korea's airspace, which led to the drying and destruction of rice crops and the death of millions. This weapon was also used in the Tora Bora region of Afghanistan, to dry it out and push the population to migrate.
    The scientist discovered that this weapon was launched by NASA in 1991 over Iraq and Saudi Arabia before the Second Gulf War after it was loaded with the active strain of the genetically engineered microbe for the US Department of Defense for use in biological warfare. American soldiers were vaccinated with the protective microbe vaccine, but 47% of them returned infected. The US Defense and Health Departments claimed that it was an unknown disease called "Gulf disease." The truth was discovered by the American physician Garth Nicholson, who referred to the diseases caused by cimitrile gas in the places where it was released, including nosebleeds, influenza epidemics, temporary amnesia and even AIDS.
    The Egyptian scientist also discovered that the cyclone "Juno" that struck the Sultanate of Oman and caused great devastation and devastation to Iran, was caused by the use of "cimitrile", and that it was an American and Israeli industry. Iran was the intended target of this destruction, but due to the error of some calculations the cyclone turned into The Sultanate of Oman, by the time it had reached Iran, its destructive power was exhausted.
    Source: "ocean"

  6. People of the world REPENT! Seek Jesus with all your heart before it's too late. He's coming back! He loves us so much. Jesus died on the cross for our sins and shed his precious BLOOD to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. Worship the true God, Jesus Christ. Give your life to him. Read your Holy Bible.

  7. It is indeed sad to see so much suffering all around the world of today. And, further any one of us – anywhere in the world – could suffer similar tragedy – because, as you mentioned, experts are blaming Climate change for theses disasters.

    Simple enough to blame Climate change – but not so simple to identify exactly – what – is causing so called, 'Climate change' in the first place.

    Modern Governments are seeming convinced by the Majority scientific view that excessive human carbon Emissions are the primary culprit for climate change or so called, 'Global warming'.

    But is this really the case?

    What actual proof is there towards verifying that excessive human carbon Emissions are to solely blame? And that by lowering carbon emissions, climate change and/or Global warming can be reversed? or indeed – halted entirely.

    I've mentioned this before and will continue to mention it as often as possible on any You Tube coverage of Wild weather extremes or disaster channels, Earthquake watch channels or volcano watch channels – that what we are seeing around the world is most likely not – due to excessive human carbon emissions – at all – but other factors – not taken into consideration, seemingly – by popular or majority scientific consensus – that are clearly ignoring the obvious causes of Climate change.

    An Aussie scientist/Geology professor has an entirely different view to his peers – seemingly, in that, he claims the 'sun' controls climate changes and,climate changes are therefore, cyclical in nature – and the earth, supposedly, in contrast to Global warming – is actually headed for another 'inevitable' ice-age – which was featured in an interview with Ian Plimer – on a YT channel in January of this current year:

    Earth's climate is 'cyclical' as new study claims an ice age is coming

    Jan 15, 2021

    Geologist and earth scientist Professor Ian Plimer says the “climate is
    cyclical” as a new study claims Earth is heading to an ice age.

    “We are getting towards the end of the warm period, the peak of the
    warmth was about 5,000 years ago and we are heading for the next
    inevitable ice age,” he told Sky News host Cory Bernardi.

    Professor Plimer says every occurrence of icebergs expanding and
    shrinking happened with “more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere than

    “To use the word ‘unprecedented’ shows you have expunged history and
    geology from your knowledge.”

    Another YT channel features increasing Earthquake activity all over the World and so I posed a question to that Host, of that Earthquake watch channel i.e, 'dutchsinse' – who is also apparently regarded as controversial or something of a Maverick in his views – in which I asked – could the Sun indeed have a relationship with Climate changes:

    7/23/2021 — Large M6.7 Earthquakes bouncing back and forth across the Pacific!

    This is the 2nd M6.7 in the past 48 hours, the first being in Panama Central America on the other side of the Pacific.

    A seismic tennis match is taking place, and we're not nearly done yet.

    There has also apparently been a very powerful Solar Flare or explosion or sun event in the very recent past of a relatively few days ago – from a seemingly very active 2838 known solar flare location on the sun – that although facing away from the earth – nevertheless managed to effect the earth to some degree with increased solar radiation hitting the earth for an unspecified time and so – me being who I am and, having studied biblical prophecy for at least 58 years, naturally posed the question to that host of that You Tube Channel – if there could be any way of knowing when that particularly active solar Flare location of 2838 – might once again – in our future – face the Earth directly.

    Why? simply because there are two biblical prophecies, one in Isaiah 30:25-26 and one in Revelation 16:8-9 that Backs -up Isaiah's perfectly – in predicting or foretelling of an extreme sun event to occur in our future at some point. Causing Floods – everywhere – in Isaiah's prophecy and destruction to cities seemingly [ i.e. towers falling] and in Revelation 16:8-9 in the more or less infamous 'Armageddon' chapter showing a 'scorching' of the Earth in places. All of which the Earth survives according to the Majority of biblical Prophecies including Revelation's.

    But that of course is another and – too long a story – to cover here briefly.

    And further, the reason for that particular query – is because the preceding chapter in Isaiah 29:5-8 shows exactly what is happening around the world of Today with three things that would definitely cause climate changes, i.e. increasing Earthquake activity, Wild weather extremes and increasing volcanic activity – and that could be directly related to the sun's activities:

    Thou shalt be visited of the Lord of hosts with thunder, and with earthquake, and great noise, with storm and tempest, and the flame of devouring fire." [Isaiah 29:6]

    The link to the Sun Explosion/major sun spot flare 2838 on a recent You tube presentation:

    Huge Explosion on far the Far Side of the Sun is Felt on Earth

    Premiered Jul 24, 2021July 23, 2021: A massive explosion on the far side of the sun on July 13, was so powerful that it could be felt on Earth.

    Data source: National Interagency Fire Center

    So does the Sun Cause Climate change I wonder and/or Global warming – or a possible/probable looming Ice-ace – as Ian Plimer Claims or is majority scientific opinion correct about human carbon emissions?

  8. People suffer evreyday, if it isnt the flood is this sick soceity man has created. This soceitys is not nice,peacefull and easy to live in and those who have died have lost nothing. Whats so good about living in this miserable world full of sufering? I believe those who died are lucky and even more lucky are those who never got born in this cursed world.

  9. What about animal rescue? What did the Maharashtra government do to evacuate stray and domesticated animals? My heart goes out to the animals. We breed them into this world for our profit, and then we leave them to die during calamities.

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