South Korea battles its worst coronavirus surge yet | COVID-19 Special

South Korea battles its worst coronavirus surge yet | COVID-19 Special

South Korea is battling its worst ever wave of Covid19 infections. The highest restrictions have been extended in the capital Seoul and beyond. But worrying clusters are emerging in other regions. Experts are blaming public fatigue, slow vaccination rollout and the Delta variant. How did South Korea go from pandemic success story to country in crisis?


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  1. from all the videos I have seen in South Korea I had seen so many people populated in one space. even though they have all these strict policies they did not use them on heavy populated areas.

  2. News around the world of Covid vs. U.S def different especially how the citizen view of it. People is living like no pandemic here- mask is a choice. I have families in another Asian country where it has been lockdown over 1.5 months now. You would need a paper approval from the authority to go out. Food is limited and some even get tickets for going out for food. Area of neighborhood would be block if anyone in there either was infected or come in contact with covid patients. No one can go in or out.

  3. If it neither stoppong infection nor transmission, i failed to see where is the vaccine part in the vaccine?

    It's clearly an immunity booster like the flushot.

  4. In Korea, there are many people who have not yet been vaccinated, and although it is currently in progress, the supply of vaccines is being disrupted. Vaccinations are postponed among OECD countries, South Koreans keep a good distance from masks and have well-equipped medical facilities, reducing the number of cases of virus infection. This is possible because of the efforts of the Korean people and doctors.

  5. Why does nobody cover the worst situation here in the USA? Pfizer seems to be covering up the fact that their original vaccine is not effective against the Alpha variant. We have let in over 1 million illegal immigrants since the beginning of 2021 and transported them freely throughout the country allowing new variants to spread with impunity. Where is testing of travelers/immigrants into the USA given that close to 50% of infections are asymptomatic now? Is everyone afraid of upsetting our government?

  6. Why is it that no one is thinking of isolating the infected from the population? It's the Standard Operating Procedure!
    During our leprosy days here in the Philippines where there was no cure for it then, our gov't only did one thing! They isolated all the infected in Palawan Island!
    Dr. Lee Hyuk-min's statement that the Delta variant must not mix with other variants bec. it's dangerous, the only thing to do for now is isolate those who have the Delta variant from the population!

  7. I hope and wish and beg and plead for North korea to end my time here your freedom laws include fights endless back pain work nights and a little being like me isnt fit to handle this world and I beg for the mercy way out with a hole in the head it ends my suffering when america is the land that wants me to continue on and suffer when I just dream of being let go from all of this and a great man offers that to me and you wanna know I cry in the dark for Kim and his soldiers to get me but pay no attention to my tears in the light when you just dont care