India and US pledge to deepen ties | DW News

India and US pledge to deepen ties | DW News

The US and India’s top diplomats have pledged to deepen ties between their countries and strengthen a regional front against Beijing’s assertiveness in the Indo-Pacific.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Indian Foreign Minister Subrahmanyam Jaishankar met in New Delhi for a series of meetings and a joint press conference. Blinken announced a 25 million dollar fund to support India’s COVID vaccination program. The two also discussed cooperation on Afghanistan.

High on the agenda was also the ‘Quad’ alliance between the US, India, Japan, and Australia, which was set up to counter China’s growing influence. The pair stressed their countries’ shared values and pledged to strengthen the ‘Quad’.


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  1. Two of the world leading democracies he says.Dude to the level of development of China at the moment and the level of underdevelopment of India i would Say you would get an equality of chances better in China by a factor of 5000

  2. “To be an enemy of America can be dangerous, but to be a friend is fatal.”

    — Henry A Kissinger

    . US do not care his friend. Just American First

  3. Be careful India , The new colonialism scenario is like this, US will have a good contract to get all India nature resource, They will get rich and India people only get the jobs (Like Freeport in Papua in Indonesia) , Most of the india nature resource will be used by US & (5 Eyes country) , then US will require India to buy weapons . So India only get a little from the rich nature resource and have to buy an expensive weapon. US will arrange India to not friendly to neighbor because only in that way US has a reason to sell the weapon.

    Better and wiser to spend the money on humanitarian purpose, India people need government to spend on healthcare, etc not spend on weapons . Be friend with neighbours . like china and Russia bring prosperity to both people in the country. Do not Fall into US traps. the west target is to divide and conquer

  4. Anyone notice that the number of comments in this video in relation to the total views is significantly higher than an average YouTube video? It's quite obvious that the comment section is infested with state sponsored bots trying their best to steer the discussion in a certain direction. Viewers from US and my fellow Indians, be advised

    Regards from Arunachal, India

  5. No matter if China is a true threat to the world, one thing is true for sure. That is, US has been seeing China endangering American superpower position and interests. With the rising of Trumpism, Biden administration is trying to wrap it as protecting democracy.

  6. As a Indian . I think Russia and Russian people are very close to Indian people hearts. But the rise of China is seriously threat for India. I am also thinking China is biggest threat for India and world.
    And India making alliance with USA is necessary . We Indian support QUAD Alliance..

  7. For some reason, I think in future USA will see India as a growing threat and will obligate to sign a document like Plaza Accords to contain it. Same as democratic Japan in 1985

  8. US & co have finally realized the potential power of india. Its about time! India is rising in the world and becoming a power to be reckoned with 🙂 It helps calm my nerves to see a billion pop democracy taking center stage, after nail-biting decades of watching chinas authoritarian govt rise to power. Welcome allies! 😀

  9. Those who think india want to build allience with America only to counter China is partial truth
    It's like US-UK relations,bitter past but now good economic & stratigic relations