When Your True Colors Show | Khutbah by Dr. Omar Suleiman

When Your True Colors Show | Khutbah by Dr. Omar Suleiman

In divorce, the dissolution of a business relationship, a dispute between friends, or in retaliation, the true test of the character of a believer is often in hard times.

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  1. I love you brother Omar for the sake of Allah, thank you for always bringing us wisdom and enlightenment through your beautiful lectures and khutab. Jazaka allahu khayran

  2. Hi, I need an urgent help regarding Oath. Recently the father of my sister ( not biological) saw talking to me and her father got mad and He also hit her and he force fully made her oath by putting hand on Quran that she can't talk to me anymore. It was not an intentional oath , she didn't want to do it but her father made her do it by force. I Know this is an invalid oath and now I need athentic verses and hadsees references regarding this problem. I need something to show her that she doesn't have to follow her oath because it was forced oath and she is also not an adult.
    Also someone told her falsely that she have to cut hand if she break the oath.
    Please if anyone can help please reply to this comment immediately.

  3. Assalamualaikum,this news may surprise you but Alhumdullilah,the Imam Al Mahdi,we all have been waiting for the last 1000 years has already arrived, and is in Mecca currently, hiding from the tyrant Saudi government and it’s pawns for the last 2 years.

    Saudi government knows well that he is indeed the true Imam and has been relentlessly trying to catch him but each time failed miserably as he is the Caliphatullah and Allah has promised to keep him safe from the evil doers. Now you know why the Kaaba was cordoned off to prevent the oath of allegiance from taking place. They even prevented Muslims all over the world from coming to Makkah for Umrah and Hajj in the name of Coronavirus to as to prevent people from giving bayah and joining him but they plan and Allah plans and indeed His plan is the best. Despite all these measures, more than 300 people have already given bayah to him from across the world before and after Hajj 2020 and his companions are increasing day by day Alhumdullilah.

    He is originally from Dhaka, Bangladesh. His name is Mohammed bin Abdul Quddus and, he is a direct descendant of RasulAllah through Hazrat Fatima razi Allah unha and in his forties as mentioned in one hadith by Hazrat Soban that,

    ” There will be a dispute among you about your treasure (Kaaba) as to who will be the next king among three princes (Ahmad bin Abdul Aziz, Mohammad bin Nayef, Mohammed bin Salman)but none of them will be successful, then a man will come from Medina(city) to Makkah to hide ,some people will recognize him as the Mahdi and will give bayah to him then black flags( black plague, Covid-19) will appear from East ( China) which will kill you in a way that no nation has ever killed anyone like that ever before. Then Mahdi will appear. If you see him don’t go against him as he is Caliphatullah but try to reach him for bayah even if you have to crawl on ice.”

    According to another hadees of RasulAllah

    “a group of people will take refuge in Kaaba and they will be killed. Then a “Burha” time there will be peace. Then another man will take refuge in Mecca. Do not go against him. He is the Mahdi/Caliph” Abdullah ibn Abbas was asked how long is Burha period? It was said burha=33 to 40 years”. I assume you know the so called Kaaba seizure on year 1979 / 1 Muharram 1440 Hijri.

    To know more about him you may visit his YouTube site TaqwaOnlineTV and watch his videos and please do istikhara and ask Allah for guidance and inshaAllah you will be guided.

  4. In todays time where we don't see one another regularly and the bulk of our relationships are on the phone or social media…is it transgressing to not talk often on the phone with someone or to not be constant with them on social media?