How not to rename a street for a long time — Berlin-style

How not to rename a street for a long time — Berlin-style

Berlin authorities had approved the renaming of the infamous Mohrenstraße (Moors’ Street) due to its seemingly racist nuance towards North Africans. However, they were met with resistance from the public

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  1. The people whining to rename streets for "politically correct" reasons are people who are never satisfied. They will continue endlessly with more and more arcane demands…

  2. Moor es a common title of many nations indigenous peoples. Africans were originally referred to as Moors. African-Americans were originally referred to as Moors. Also the Jats of India and many indigenous South Asians are to this day known as Moor. See Malaysian Moors, Sri Lankan Moors and Bangsmoro. Today European descent people en the America’s call brown skin people “black”.
    That es a color and derogatory and nothing to do with a nation. Before that et was “BlackaMoor”. Though es originally just Moor. With many meanings depending on the nation.
    En Norwegian “Mor” means Mother. En Latin “Mor” means death. En Turkish “Mor” means Violet. En Cornish “Mor” means berries. En Syriac the term “Mor” means a title of respect meaning my lord. En Hebrew “Moreh” means Hebrew honorific title for a teacher, professor, or learned sage. En old Egyptian(PtahMera) “Maur” means the High Priest of Anu. En Aboriginal American Quechua culture “Amaru”means High Priest. Also en Latin “Amare” means Love. En Spanish “Amor” means love. En Arabic “Amir” means Prince. Also en Czech “Mor” means plague and disease. Language = History.

  3. Let the Germans call their streets whatever they want to.
    It has nothing to do with anyone else.
    If they decided to call a street Hitlerstrasse, I wouldn't have a problem.
    It is after all, an important part of Germany's modern history.
    The French don't particularly like Nelson.
    But I haven't heard them complain about Trafalger Square !
    And how would the British react if they did ?

  4. To me the issue is mainly the extra middle finger of replacing it with about the most long/complex name you could find ("Anton-W.-Amo-Straße"), just to make it twice as vexing and for decades to come. – As if they want to harvest opposition to feel validated.
    Why not rename it to "Mohnstraße" (poppy street)? That one actually doesn't exist in Berlin yet.
    The guy who they want to name the street after is related to the black-African-rights issue, but can we also get an examination of why the street was named Mohrenstraße? What's the history of that?

  5. So we're forced to live with Moors, and are put in jail for criticizing their behavior, but must now also rename Moor Street, since mentioning them at all is somehow "racist".

  6. How can naming a street after a group of people that called themselves Moors be offensive?
    Next up, get rid of Bourbon Street just in case a former alcoholic gets upset?

  7. They wanted to rename Mohrenstraße to George Floydstraße. As if he was some pinnacle of holiness. Instead he was a drug addicted petty criminal with a lengthy rapsheet. His fentanyl addiction contributed to his death but this gets ignored and they build statues of him everywhere. If in 200 times historicans study this period they will scratch their heads over so much stupidity. If the street actually is renamed George Floydstraße then it will be soon renamed otherwise when more rational times arrive.

  8. let's keep wasting time and money on none-sensical things.. (<– sarcasm)
    That's the best way to keep us entertained from what matters. Instead of renaning streets they could spend the same energy doing something to improve life quality of people (either in germany or afrika)

  9. It's fine (or appropriate) to rename streets/places named after Nazi/Stasi members, but other historical names should be maintained, simply to show and not forget the history of some places. In this case I wouldn't rename it; it's just an old word, not used in modern language and not offensive to anyone. If it were used like N*** in the english language it would have to be renamed, but it's not.

  10. No problem: add an Umlaut above the "o" and it becomes "carrots street". Oder? What's all the fuss about anyway. Like that is of any importance. Some take offence with the name. I take offence to removing it.

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