Tokyo 2020: Weightlifter released after deportation from Japan | DW News

Tokyo 2020: Weightlifter released after deportation from Japan | DW News

Police in Uganda have released athlete Julius Ssekitoleko on police bond pending further investigations after he was controversially deported by authorities in Japan. The weightlifter had traveled to the Olympics in Tokyo expecting to compete — but it later emerged he had not qualified. He then reportedly went missing. Later, he handed himself to the authorities outside the Japanese capital who sent him back to Uganda.


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  1. All I hear is: Ugandah weilifitah.. Poor.. Poor background.. Better chance in life… Japan Bad. DW, is that much to ask for the facts instead of promoting your woke agenda?
    People in the comments are doing a better job than you! The guy did not qualify, travelled illegally, hid from the authorities and you expect them to grant him asylum? Ask for a pony too, since you are being ridiculous already. Japan owe him nothing!

  2. I'm so sad and disappointed for him. Anyone who knows and understands fitness, knows these athletes train hard and make sacrifices to get to International recognized events. So sorry keep dreaming and training, hope their is another opportunity for you in the next Olympics.

  3. Japan is a civilized country. people are kind and friendly if you follow the law . but if you are violating the law , they won't allow you to stay there. he could get working VISA if he wanted to work in Japan.

  4. Why would he sneak out illegally. This is a shame and disgrace. I hope next time the country's team will bring forth athletes that have a mine-set of dignity and respect. These are the kind of people that disgrace Africa. Being poor does not give one the licence to disgrace his country and race.

  5. This is the problem with majority african athletes, they go to a foreign to participate in a competition, they they just disappear without informing the team and then seek asylum. Same thing happened at the commonwealth games 2018 in gold coast Australia where african athletes went missing. Fortunately authorities found most of them and deported them back to africa and rejected asylum seeking applications from most african countries. It's a good thing that the Japanese immigration did to deport him. If you want to seek asylum you need to apply in a proper way not by just abandoning your national team and just running away. These incidents also happened in glasgow commonwealth games as well

  6. The Japanese government is accusing the Republic of Korea government of providing korean meal boxes to the Korean athletes participating in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, and the Japanese government continues to argue that food from Fukushima is safe.

    However, the Korean national team meal service center has been operated every time since the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Japan also operated a separate Japanese food service facility for the purpose of preventing food poisoning at the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics. The United States also decided to procure its own meals using its own ingredients during Tokyo Olympic period.

    There are suspicions that Japan's exceptionally sensitive reaction to Korean meal boxes is an attempt to divert public opinion elsewhere after the goal of the "Fukushima revival Olympics" has actually failed. Due to the spread of Covid-19, the Tokyo Olympics are more emphasizing the 'safety and safe Olympics' than the 'revival Olympics', and even this is being shaken by the explosive spread of Covid-19 in Japan.

  7. The Olympics must not exhibit any political or biased tendencies. The host country, Japan, is also disseminating this information to athletes and officials who participated in the Olympics.
    But Japan, meanwhile, asked the IOC to require that athletes who participated in the Olympics pay a silent tribute to the victims on the day the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima.

    The dropping of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima was not an easy decision made by the United States, the Allied Powers at the time, in that Japan, a war criminal country, did not give up on the war and continued to kill innocent people. Remembrance of the victims of the atomic bombing is no different from forcing people to visit Japanese shrines.

    This double aspect of Japan does not qualify as a host country for the Olympics, a place of global harmony, and even after the IOC rejected Japan's request to commemorate the atomic bombing unofficially, the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Committee said they plans to include a performance that commemorate the victims of the atomic bombing in this Olympic closing ceremony.

    This proves that Japan has not yet abandoned its role as a war criminal country rather than an Olympic host country. I hope that the people of the world will face this double aspect of Japan and correct their misconceptions about Japan. I also demand the IOC not to tolerate this double act of Japan, the host country of the Olympics, and take corresponding measures.

    And Dokdo is the island of the Republic of Korea. But Tokyo Olympics committee marked the Dokdo as same color with japan island. As I know, United by emotion is the moto of this Olympic. But I'd like to ask Japan government and Tokyo Olympic Committee. Are you really believe you're operating this Olympic not to shame on the moto? I'm sick of Japan government 's twofold and double-faced aspect. I believe that is the real self of Japan which is deeply hidden. And Is IOC a puppet of Japan? If not, how can IOC just ignore these rude and foolish actions of Tokyo Olympic Committee? IOC can also be said to be irresponsible.

  8. He qualified and participated in many local weightlifting competitions which he won in Uganda, but he isn't good enough to qualify for the Olympics to represent his country even though he was among the team to the Olympics? It seems someone among the Ugandan officials is behind his downfall, that to me is the truth behind this…

  9. This is the saddest story in the Tokyo Olympics. How could he obtain visa to Japan and travel there if there was no endorsement from the IOC? I think his case should be investigated – somebody in IOC push him out of contention to accommodate another weightlifter from another country. IOC is a corrupt organization. Poor man.

  10. He should have competed as best as he could and tried to network with foreign coaches/athletes to see if he could train overseas. He disgraced his country without competing and dealt with it in the worst way. Hard to feel sorry for him.