US to maintain military force in the Philippines | DW News

US to maintain military force in the Philippines | DW News

US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin has secured an agreement from Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte to restore a key pact allowing military exercises between the two countries to continue.
US naval presence in the Indo-Pacific is seen by many Southeast Asian states as a counterbalance to a rising China. Beijing has claimed sovereignty over large parts of the nearby South China Sea, even constructing artificial islands for its navy and air force. Secretary Austin said his visit was meant to underscore the importance of the relationship with the Philippines, which is the US’s oldest ally in Asia.


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  1. I think now it’s a best time for Philippine to attack China. As Philippine is the weakest country now that China is being gang attack by Indonesia USA England and Japanese and India. Unfortunately Philippine isn’t voicing their concern. Due to the fact that the president of the Philippine is under threat of internal attack by its civilian as they want him to step down as presidential. And you know what that means if the citizenship of Philippine won the election vote it means international crime that president needs to face against human rights. And face lengthy jail terms good duterte.

  2. maybe the ph pres wants US to give him tanks and high caliber guns, jets and missiles if thats what he understood of military assistance, with his position towards US and China playing on both sides, he could not be trusted

  3. 4:51 It's not that he's playing the US and China. Of course if the US can live up to expectations then what to do? Philippines is the oldest US ally in Asia but look at Philippine military capability? still weaker than its neighbors so what does it tell about the job of the US in improving the capabilities of its ally? Is it a failure? We all know that the US has its own interest in Asia and I believe it will serve both US, Philippines and the region if fair deals are met.

  4. Everything you report in Asia is counterbalance for China, how strong is China? Why is it the Quad alliance, US Philippine alliance etc all there to counter balance?

  5. I think we should be more friendly with China.
    first, China is our neighboring country and a lot closer to the Philippines second, they have the most advance and strong military, USA will maintain a military force in the Philippines? that's their strategic plan to spy in China, and that's also what they did to Taiwan.