Berlin police take on anti-COVID-lockdown protesters | DW News

Berlin police take on anti-COVID-lockdown protesters | DW News

Police in the German capital Berlin have come up against anti-lockdown protesters. Hundreds of people took part in marches against coronavirus measures in the city despite a court order banning such gatherings. Police in riot gear used pepper spray and physical force in an attempt to break up the demonstrations. The protests against coronavirus lockdowns in Germany have attracted a mix of groups- including anti-vaccination activists, conspiracy theorists and the far right.


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  1. I’m an American living in Germany and can honestly say they are strong arming us to get the vaccine. Not forcing but strong arming for sure. You can’t go anywhere without getting covid checks and very soon if we do not take the vaccine then we will have to pay for our own covid test. Each one being around 13 Euros. The government basically said if you don’t bend willingly, then we’ll make you bend financially.

  2. There is a God and you will see your demise for what you are doing to the people bcz the virus has a 99.97% survival rate. Same on you!
    God's got this.
    They made my cousin go bye bye in the hospital and they made many go bye bye just to get the number of deaths up.

  3. This is why they bought all those bullets for police departments in USA we were wondering about. Concentration camp trains for FEMA and non training billets in the amount acceding what they’ve used in the Iraq war. It has began. May God help us all.

  4. So it seems they purposely choose to only film people that look dumb. It's so obvious. Doesnt matter if you are for or against vaccines. EVERYONE should be against government mandates and lockdowns. 99.9% survival rate. What's the survival rate of not being able to make a living?

  5. Der Europarat hat in der Parlamentarischen Versammlung am 27. Januar 2021 die Resolution 2361 erlassen, in der folgende Bestimmungen festgehalten sind: möchte sich einer solchen Aktivität unterziehen, – Niemand darf diskriminiert werden, wenn er nicht impfen lässt – Impfausweis, kann nicht als sog Pass-Versprechen als "Ticket" zur Einreise.

  6. Removing their right to protest is removing their right to Liberty and their right to be apart of the opposition within this case the opposition of COVId ristrictions and if ur removing people’s chance to disagree and openly express their points of view. it’s authoritarianism and removing their right to free speech ! Like why is this being accepted by so many ! I thought we were advocating against dictatorship and fascism now a days not arguing for it !

  7. They are all fed their narrative from their sponsors. Big tech advertising. Who owns big tech n big pharma n can manipulate foreign governments, media organizations and politicians into compliance with absolute nonsense. . ? Mmmm or is it just their hunger for power n control. Even over the bloodstreams of the public. The masses dont have a clue n don't want to know. Cognitive dissonance is a cancer on our society n ppl in real power, Know it. I present… world media today. Go independent ppl