Can separatists in West Africa strongarm their way to independence? | DW News

Can separatists in West Africa strongarm their way to independence? | DW News

Nnamdi Kanu is the leader of a separatist group calling for an independent State of Biafra. His followers call themselves the ‘Indigenous People of Biafra’ and they’ve not given up their dream of their own homeland in southeastern Nigeria. The region has seen a surge in attacks, with some 130 police officers killed this year alone. In May, Nigeria’s security forces launched an operation to quell the violence which many fear may lead to a new war.
But the conflict between Biafran separatists and the Nigerian government is much older than this recent outbreak.
Meanwhile, reports from Cameroon indicate English speaking separatist militias have joined forces with their Nigerian counterparts. A development that has led to fears of an acceleration in violence. The Biafran secessionists and the Ambazonian Defence Force in southwestern Cameroon share a common border, and a joint purpose: to establish their own states. They say they are already sharing weapons.
One way to defuse the crisis in Nigeria would be good governance. Yet for some in the region it was actually the election of President Muhammadu Buhari, himself a veteran of the Biafran war, that reawakened calls for independence. Now the arrest of Nnamdi Kanu has only heightened tensions.


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  1. I think as a general rule separatism should be avoided and people should try to work together for the good of the country, but there are some cases when it's better to divorce than to have people kill each other, like in Somalia or maybe Nigeria. Whatever happens I hope it works out for the people of Nigeria, but I can understand why they'd not want to live under a government controlled not only by another group but above all by people who enforce outdated laws

  2. Bad thing is not good. Cameroon stole oil land from Nigeria, now a separatist that have told Cameroon they can only be in Nigeria rather than Cameroon are fighting to liberate the stolen land from Cameroon for personal nationality

  3. Fulani lead government is killing anyone that is not Fulani in other way Fulani who is not indigenous peoples of Nigeria (the zoo) want to FULANISE the real indigenous peoples of Nigeria

  4. Nnamdi Kanu is not the leader of Biafra, neither is he the leader of Biafran separatists. He is the leader of currently the most famous/significant group advocating for Biafran separatism.

    However there are still other groups working in unison and with their own leadership for independence of Biafra or Alaigbo, ranging from MASSOB to UPP to NINAS etc.

  5. Ambazonia shares no physical border with any IPOB state. The state in Nigeria sharing border with West Cameroon are; Cross river, Taraba, Benue, Adamawa and non of these states is of IPOB or Igbo ethnic group. The IPOB will need to gain to gain the support of these frontier states first

  6. Are the Igbos asking the federal government to create jobs and infrastructures for them? What are your governors doing? If not to embezzle funds given to them by Abuja. Your states need to create jobs for you guys. I saw Aba last time and I wept. You guys control resources in your various states still unable to develop your states. Do you want Buhari to come and open state roads and build bridges for you? What are your governors and reps doing?

  7. Mr newscaster if they take over Nigeria I guess ur countrys population is not up to 1million from Nigeria just 1 clap from Nigeria they will take over ur country too, keep eating kebab or mc Donald abroad don't speak the truth

  8. Let my people go and be free,Zimbabwe must also let Mtwakazi go too..even the British know there was Matebeleland and Zambezia for Shona dogs who begged the Brits to enslave them and rape the country.

  9. Without listening to the video, the title gives its nefarious and hopeless and shameless reporting.
    Its a shame that DW would be reporting this way. They are not after facts.
    Your intelligence is………

  10. It is either we get Biafra, or we die getting Biafra.

    I will come back here to comment when we have finally gotten our Biafran independence.

    Anybody thinking that our people who are dying every day for this struggle are dying in vain must be a Joker. We have already crossed the Rubicon, it is Biafra or death.

  11. DW NEWS why your presenter refused to talk about reason why Nnamdi Kanu flee! but you are quick to talk about how can both countries work in synergy to stop BIAFRA & AMBAZONIA it’s obvious you are bias.

  12. Igbo can Never be Nigeria president any more, they were the ones that destroyed Nigeria by pulling down the regional government we all negotiated for before independence. What Igbos will get is Igbo Nation and not biafra