Wildfires rage across Europe fed by wind and soaring temperatures | DW News

Wildfires rage across Europe fed by wind and soaring temperatures | DW News

Wildfires are destroying huge swathes of territory around Europe. Finland has been battling its biggest forest fire in half a century.
Heatwaves are also causing havoc further south. The worst blazes are raging in southern Turkey, where six people have been killed. Greece has also been hard-hit.
The smoke in Greece is becoming a hazard. So much so that hospitals are now admitting patients with breathing difficulties.
Greek authorities had warned that wildfires could erupt in temperatures reaching 45 degrees. In Greece and elsewhere, scientists are linking the heatwave and the wildfires to climate change.
In Italy, firefighters have been working day and night to douse the flames. On the island of Sicily, the fires in the mountains are also threatening seaside resorts – 150 tourists were moved out.
In Turkey, hundreds more holidaymakers were ferried to safety after the forest fires got too close to their hotels. Coastguards asked boat owners to help with the rescue operation .
Inland, farmers are helpless as their animals perish. Dozens of villages have been evacuated. President Erdogan has been quick to point the finger at his political opponents.
Turkish authorities say they have brought most of the fires under control – but the hot weather is expected to continue for the next few days.

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  1. Climate change? Give me a break. Fire brigades in same regions in Italy are paid for each performance so It would not be surprising that somebody set fire up for purpose plus private companies involved into the general assistant and then money from the European union to restore the forest. The whole situation is managed under an emergency action which means private companies don't go through normal legal process requirements and antimafia background checks.

  2. By far most of the fires are man made, either arson or accidentally, if people were as careless 500 years ago it would be the same, got nothing to do with climate change.

  3. No big deal! You did not want to know what would happen to LIBYA by the time you voted for no fly zone which was meant to allowing military operations in Libya.

    Now, the blood of Muammar Gadaffi, the people of Libya who suffered, suffering and died because of your mediocre decisions have brought an eternal CURSES in your land, Europe and USA!

    You will never see happiness for the things you did in Africa from 18th century to the time you left and the ones you did in Libya.

    So, you tend to be wiser and knowledgeable, but can you manufacture fire and floods vaccines?

    In the book of 1 Timothy 2:11-15, prohibits a woman from teaching or assuming power over a man but you went on giving women powers equivalent to those of men!

    Now God is unhappy with your mediocre ideas.He will punish you until you restore His laws and stop undermining Him!

  4. No need to panic… yet.

    The disasters and pandemics keep on coming and at the end of each year there's still 80 million more people on the planet.

    That is, until there's 2 or 3 years of significant crop losses in the world. Then there will be a few hundred million people on the move and war like the world has never seen.

    This means that we will collapse and the true causes will most likely never be mentioned because agriculture reports and news are not interesting enough for mass media.

    When will this chain of events take place? Your guess is as good as anyone's. The arctic sea ice may have a word to say as to when this happens. It's the air conditioner of the northern hemisphere and it's about to be turned off any year now.

  5. 2 chronicles 7 14 if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.
    Jesus Christ is protecting me from this COVID-19, from other things and I have no need for a vaccine for anything. My God's got this. Ask Him, believe in Him, seek Him, repent, turn to Him for help, His peace, His love, forgiveness, His healings, His deliverance, He provides. He's everything we need and He's so loving awesome every day, each day. Learn for yourself who He is as He's so worth our hearts and time. In Jesus name behold your God

  6. I think we can toss the concept of "coincidence" out the window, permanently. We all know how much reporters love disasters, but there are going to be so many disasters, broadcast journalism had better figure out how to communicate more in less time without "milking" the drama.

  7. This was Arsen there has been evidence of gas cases found in sights where fires started and there has been an arrest made of a young immigrant who was one of the of the few responsible for setting the many fires in Greece

  8. Who started the wildfires? Did God light up a match and set a dry tree on fire, before pouring a few gallons of gasoline around it? Or maybe there were lightnings coming from the sun?

  9. Nothing to do with global warming. That is the excuse to burn forests to enable wind farms which profit a handful of businesses and German exports of turbines. It’s criminal. People should wake up to the sham of global warming.

  10. It sad that this happens? But it is not by nature cause it is man made fire it did not happened from itself?! Not just in Athen in other countries to who is making this and for what reason!? I'm saying this because one of Taxi driver who coming from one of those countries say to me that those fire that happen in his country are made by terrorists and there are proofs?!