How To Waste A Villain – Black Widow

How To Waste A Villain - Black Widow

Black Widow wasted its villain, here’s how. Get Curiosity Stream and Nebula for 26% off:

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  2. This movie had the worst timing ever possible, the themes and subject matter could have been a fantastic deep entry in the franchise that could span multiple movies buuuuut they had to wrap up everything in one movie

  3. The big bad escaped an explosion and Natasha failed to check for his body to confirm the kill. So how does she rectify that? By having him blown up again (with crappy CGI) and again not checking. Is this so we can have the sequel "Black Widow: Drakov Returns (again!)"?

  4. i feel like they did good job with taskmaster and it fits well with the whole plot Natasha's past coming back to haunt her instead of Taskmaster from the comics just randomly showing up to work for dreykov

  5. 30 seconds in and I already know you paid literally no attention to the movie. Taskmaster was not the villain – she was a victim, like all of the widows. The movie's villain was Dreykov. How stupid do you have to be to not get it.

  6. 'Black Widow' wasn't about Black Widow facing her past or taking responsibility for her action. It was about stopping an old white man who trafficks and mind-controls young women all over the world because patriarchy.

    And sure, if that second part is the movie you truly want to make, go for it. The message is fine. But at least execute it with some more nuance and market it more honestly.

  7. I wish the film had the same energy the opening credits had. I thought we were gonna get a more intense story when I saw that opening credit scene. Jokes on me. Lol

  8. Amazing change to the story, but there needs to be a mention of Dreykovs daughter since she was mentioned in Avengers. I'm not saying she has to be Taskmaster, but she just needs to be mentioned somewhere in this movie.

  9. How to waste a villain? Put them in a movie that ultimately doesn't matter or further the plot.

    That goes for why the movie fell flat as well. Each movie has become a new chapter in the ongoing MCU but Black Widow is already dead in the current narrative and the movie is set about six chapters ago.

  10. I fully forgot that Black Widow died in End Game, I think? (not a big Marvel fan) So at the end when her sister is at her grave, my family and I were so confused and were like, "Wait, did she disappear in the snap? Is this when she was gone?" And after a bit of wracking my brain, I finally went, "Oh, that's right! She died!"

  11. I agree with the point that natasha seemingly wiped the blood from her ladger. BUT I don't agree with taskmaster & that's because she is not supposed to portrait the villain here. She is (like the others in the red room) a victim of the red room in particular Dracovs victim. I think she was there to show us how far Dracov would go & therefore even corrupting his daughter. The villain in black widow is Dracov and shows us how powerful men in high positions use women for their own enjoyment & goals in real life (notice how he said he uses the best currency: women. Not people, not men, but women)

  12. Your rewrite is incredible. You made an okay, enjoyable enough at the time but ultimately forgettable movie truly heart wrenching and memorable. This is my head canon now. Thank you!

    I think Black Widow has always suffered from the perceived need to make her doubly unemotional and badarse because she's a woman. It's seems to be the way with a lot of female superheroes. The writers feel they can't make their movies too "emotional" because they're worried about being criticised for writing it that way simply because the main character is a woman. So we get red brainwashing gas instead of a true emotiinal heart to the story. Sigh.

  13. Okay, so I'm not exactly sure we even watched the same movie, because the Black Widow I saw was absolutely amazing. First of all I'm speaking only about MCU, I haven't read the comics nor do I think they are relevant to this conversation.

    1. Taskmaster was not the villain of the movie and should not be talked about as such. She was a weapon, used and abused the same as all the other girls. I thinks it's a shame how many people judge the whole movie on one character, especially when they don't get even the one character right. The real villain is Dreykov. Taskmaster is a tool in his arsenal.

    2. The movie is not only about the "can you wipe out that much red" -thing, it also happens to handle human trafficking. The movie is more about Natasha finishing her mission and reconciling with her family, than taking care of her red ledger. I would even argue that the red thing is taken care of in endgame, where she makes the ultimate sacrifice.

    Yeah, I don't know if thats the best way to put it, but there it is. No shade, I actually liked the video, I just find it really frustrating how so many people seem to miss the whole point of the movie.