Belarusian Olympic athlete seeks refuge in Poland, opposition activist found hanged | DW News

Belarusian Olympic athlete seeks refuge in Poland, opposition activist found hanged | DW News

The body of a Belarusian activist was discovered in the Ukrainian capital Kyiv a day after he was reported missing, police there said on Tuesday. 26-year-old Vitaly Shishov was the head of the Kyiv-based Belarusian House in Ukraine (BDU), an organization that helps Belarusians trying to flee persecution. The organization helps them find accommodation, employment, and legal services. Ukraine, like Poland and Lithuania, has become a haven for Belarusians following a crackdown on dissent in their home country by President Alexander Lukashenko. Belarus has been rocked by mass protests against the longtime leader since disputed elections last year. Opposition leader Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya reacted to Shishov’s death, tweeting that “it is worrying that those who flee Belarus still can’t be safe.”

A Belarusian Olympic sprinter who feared for her safety back home after she openly criticized her coaches left Tokyo on a Vienna-bound flight on Wednesday. Krystsina Tsimanouskaya, 24, had requested a humanitarian visa at the Polish embassy in the Japanese capital on Monday. Pictures showed her leaving the embassy and arriving at the city’s Narita airport masked and wearing blue jeans and sunglasses. Tsimanouskaya had been expected to fly out directly to Warsaw, but she switched at the last moment for the Austrian capital. It is as yet unclear whether Austria will be her final destination.


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  1. the guy committed suicide and the athlete is just confused, listening western media. she thinks , Poland is a paradise, on contrary, the land is ruled by religious fanatics,

  2. We have many Belarusians living and seeking asylum here in CZE and most city halls here have the White and Red flag as a form of support. Belarus is getting brazen and trying (Russian style and with Russian support) to see how far they can go… From hanging people in foreign countries to intimidation… The EU should not and must not abandon the people seeking a better government and freedom.

  3. I cannot believe the level of ignorance in this planet. Someone just made a comment that POLAND is massive in comparison to PERU. Let's see: Poland 312,000 square kilometers and PERU 1.2 Million… daaaaahhhhh

  4. there is some misunderstanding … why the world community is watching with closed eyes what the dictator Lukashenko is doing … he, using armed border guards, provokes a military conflict on the northern border of the republic of Belarus. but in general now is the time of the Olympiad, this violates the principle that the Olympiad is held in peacetime … if the world violates its principles of peace and harmony … this will lead to global conflicts … there is nothing sacred in this world, and this is humiliating for humanity.

  5. What a horrible interviewer, he keeps rushing or cutting off the guy and this interviewer does this to everyone he interviews. They say that a person that usually tries to cut people off during interviews or conversations is most likey a narcissist, because narcissist simply can't control themselves when someone is talking and they will do anything to cut into the interview or conversation because they think they're the smartest and most important out of everyone else, so they will make sure not to give the other person time to talk. How he still works for DW boggles my mind. I could be wrong it might be the producer telling him in his ear piece to cut the guy off and ask other questions but I doubt it, i simply think the interviewer is a narcissist because he does that to everyone he interviews.

  6. And here are these woke Americans kneeing and saying how embarrassed they are of America without fear of consequences When it's America that gives them the right to free speech and do as they please