Carl Bernstein: Donald Trump is our own American war criminal

Carl Bernstein: Donald Trump is our own American war criminal

Watergate journalist Carl Bernstein says we have to look at former President Donald Trump in a different context and calls Trump America’s “own war criminal” that we’ve never seen before. #CNN #News


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  1. President Donald J Trump is the only way for America now to freedom. God bless him to do this for everybody in this world. Go you good thing President Donald J Trump.

  2. I finally figured it out. CNN, FOX NEWS ect are playing for the same team. Of course their stupid idiologue commentators are just pawns. The whole left right divide is a front for the international banking cartels. They keep us distracted with the illusion of representative democracy and goofballs like Bernstein unwittingly keep the game going. I don't want to play anymore. BTY read Carrol Quigley's Tragedy and Hope.

  3. Donald Trump is a Narcissist Sociopath ! And believe me if he ever end up President again he we make sure that he Destroy America he . Will go Down as Worst than Hilter . THIS IS NOT ABOUT POLITICS, THIS IS ABOUT DICTATORSHIP.

  4. Donald Trump's strongest weapon against the weak-minded people is the power of suggestion and because these weak-minded people have the same type of spirit and evil and wicked heart as Donald John Trump. The people are more vulnerable for him to manipulate. the Bible says how can to walk together except they agree. Donald Trump gave away his secret when he says if you keep on repeating it over and over again the same old things then people will start to believe it for you know the mind is the battlefield and Satan uses the power of suggestion to get into the minds of men that cannot hear the voice of God because of that wicked and evil hearts and have rebelled against God and will not receive the truth. God said that he will in the last days send a strong delusion that they shall believe a lie and Donald John Trump has brought forth the LIE that will destroy many men and women because of their evil and wicked heart and because they have rejected almighty God Jehovah Yahweh Joshua yamashia Jesus Christ the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob the alpha and Omega the beginning and the end the , Rose of Sharon the lion of Judah may God have mercy on us.

  5. The most secure election in History where he lost by over SEVEN MILLION votes the twice impeached Enemy of the State must be stopped and the GOP MUST FIND A NEW PATH AWAY FROM HIS POISON OR THE COUNTRY IS DOOMED

  6. Trump suffers most likely from Narcisistic Personality Disorder, and lives in an altenate reality. He has a large unhinged following in the GOP and among law makers.
    Adolf Hitler suffered from mental disorder, and had a large following in a different era.. We all know what the consequences were, due to the actions of this mad man. He had military on his side to do his dirty work. Fortunately, under General Milley USA is safe, as he publicly dissociated from Trump, and repeated that the Military has taken an oath on the constitution of the USA, to defend and protect, and not to the sitting President of the USA.

  7. Everybody knows this already. His minions and chumps don't care, and all you are doing is keeping IT in the spotlight, which is what IT wants. Time to ignore IT an focus on policy.

  8. Mr. Carl Bernstein, you are absolutely right…… Trump committed war crimes against the citizens of the United States….. and he was supported by members of the GOP……

  9. Trump is America's home grown new age waar criminal being responsible for thousands of citizens needless dieing because of his its just a dem hoax it will disappear like magic not too mention trying to take over the government after losing the 2020 election

  10. Malignant narcissists are at war with everything outside themselves. He seems to have delighted in putting Americans against each other. So yes, a war criminal.

  11. Finally! First time I've heard proper reporting on the root cause of trump's lies.
    It's as plain as day. He meets literally every single characteristic of Narcissism.

    Look at him through that lens, and it all makes sense. Psychiatrists (Dr.B Lee) predicated something like January 6th would happen

  12. War criminal who used covid 19 as a convenient biological attack with the hope of destabilizing our country sufficiently to seize power.
    Every single issue was exploited by Trump in order to push division, violence and then he would ride in on a white horse to save us from him.

  13. Makes sense; Hitler, James Jones, David Koresh (sp?), Napoleon, Kim Il Sung, Vlad Putin to name a few. Our Government is, unfortunately, a corrupt institution focused on fund raising instead of representing the people of this country. Take a few minutes to check out OpenSecrets.Org — more interesting than listening to CNN or Fox or whoever blather on about trump and his ilk. We may be able to change all this by having the states ban special interests, super pacs and lobbyists.

  14. You.ask the same question what’s happening to America.The answer is stop talking about this lunatic for ratings.You are giving him legitimacy.It will not stop him and the media knows this but they still talk about him as if he’s still President.Stop talking about him and he will go away.If he sees he’s daily news it gives him power.

  15. If the delusion that the election was somehow stolen is the main thing that is got people on the right animated, then they are even more ignorant than I thought!!! The people on the right needs to take another look around and notice that all that non-vaccinated friends are getting sick and dying. Good luck dingbatz will see you in the next life!