China & Pakistan to launch joint operations in Afghanistan to drive out terrorist forces | WION News

China & Pakistan to launch joint operations in Afghanistan to drive out terrorist forces | WION News

Pakistan’s double standard on Afghanistan has been exposed again. On one hand, Islamabad and Beijing are planning anti-terror operations in Afghanistan and on the other hand, Pakistan continues to send terrorists to the country.

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  1. This is an international insult to wion.. They tried hard to put their words in their mouth but all in vain.. This shows Indian desperation and its failures at foreign policy level…

  2. The world is moving in the opposite direction of truth. People who should be friends are enemies, and those who are considered enemies are friends. It is the opposite of nature. After a catastrophic war, man will repent.

  3. The Chinese communist government will open a battlefield in Afghanistan. These armies are not very brave, they are only greedy for wealth, so they will join forces with the nations to increase their military prowess and, if successful, will manage to rule the world.

  4. ' Pakistan continues to send terrorists to Afghanistan '
    Madam when Pakistan is sending terrorists to Afghanistan are u or anyone else present there and see them yourself?
    And why those who see them coming don't shoot them?

  5. Lady to the Afghan guy ' according to reports China and Pakistan planning jointly to act …in Afghanistan '
    Afghan Representative ' I don't know any of such reports…'
    Shameful Indian media..mouth pieces of Modi….fooling none else but it's own Hindu population and turning them into RSS supporting fundamentalists..
    Gandhi G's Hindustan now replaced by Modi's Hindustan

  6. Please do not bring this Pro Taliban man “Torek Farhadi” who himself was a danger to our national security and now that he has been sacked, he wants to dump dirt on Government. He should be ashamed of himself, he still is an Afghan. Traitor!!!

    Anchor: How will this alliance effect the instability in Afghanistan?
    Guest: Gud day! I haven't seen the report that u r mentioning to in a credible world level news….

  8. WION:Islamabad and Beijing are trying to enhance the insurgency in Afghanistan.
    AFGHAN PERSON:No,Pakistan called ceasefire. And Pak will help to negotiate with Taliban for peace.
    That's hilarious and insane!!!

  9. Haha, Indian media calling others “ terrorists “ when its own state has been funding terrorism against Pakistan. I guess in this day and age of media, you can lie all you want with no remorse !!!

  10. Maybe its good. China will focus on endless wars with terrorists with Pakistan. And Pakistan will create more terrorists for China to wrestle with. Meanwhile, USA will allocate its new found focus and time on South China Sea.

  11. Nothing will change Afghanistan nothing. Afghanistan will remain a tribal society for the rest of its existence. You cannot turn Afghanistan to be anything productive. USA and Soviet Union tried. Only way to win is not to play.

  12. Mr Farhadi has exposed your channel every thing you said Mr Farhadi disagreed and noted your information is not credible, the world now knows you are liars