Live with Dr. Shahid Masood | GNN | 05 August 2021

Live with Dr. Shahid Masood | GNN | 05 August 2021

Live with Dr. Shahid Masood | GNN | 05 August 2021

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  1. ڈاکٹر صاحب پروگرام بہت اچھا ھے دنیا میں آئندہ جو ہونے والا ھے اس پر ڈاکٹر صاحب پاکستان میں کرپشن پر بھی کچھ بولیں

  2. India is do more worse in Assam than Kashmir by trying take away Assam Muslims India citizens: the nrc/caa law made. To stop Muslims Assam population growth cuz 35-40 % Assam population is Muslims.

  3. Dr Sahab, kashmir dosen't need your prayers & Heart. Your heart is too small. Better keep it to yourself. Pakistan needs it more than Kashmiris. All you can do is 5 minutes silence and empty slogans like "Kashmir Banay ga Pakistan". Why should kashmir become Pakistan? Kashmiris are giving blood and sacrifice and Pakistan is watching like mute spectator. Your impotant Govt, Army & good for nothing Media is just doing Rubbish talks and still you expect kashmir to be your part. You are living in fallacies. If You are cosmetic about kashmir we don't care either.

  4. 5 اگست؛ 27 اکتوبر کے دن تو اب صرف رسمیہ دن رہ گئے ہے ۔آپ کے اصل مسلے تو نواز شریف ' شھباز شریف ، مریم نواز اور بیلاول ہے۔ کشمیر کی بات نا ہی کرے تو اچھا ہے آپ کے عمل سے منافقت ٹپکتی ہے ۔

  5. It becomes increasingly painful to tolerate this Naila who like most of her country fellows does backward in evolution every day. I wonder if you’d find a more stupid anchor in entire electronics space. May be not many intelligent and smart ones would like to work with Dabardoos who barks like a mad dog. He is as ignorant of history and geography as his Prime Minister in these areas. But it is ridiculous to start every episode with Naila creeping like a machine ‘aaj PM Imran Khan ne……’ as if Imran really matters.

  6. Kya ghodu aadmi hai! BBC pr toh aise bhrosa kr rha hai jaise waha koi journalist aakr report kr k gya ho, pandemic k time. Ye tumhare hi kisi agent ne likhwaya hoha jo UK mein baitha aish kr rha hai! Ye hai tumhari reporting? Woh bhi kisi aur k credit pr!

  7. بہت معلوماتی ہے ۔ سیاست میں گند اور ریپیٹشن ہوتی ہے ۔ اچھا کرتے ہیں آپ ساتھ جغرافیائی اور تاریخی معلومات شامل کرتے ہیں ۔

  8. اگ ،پانئ،انتشار بلندی،پستی حون تباہی بربادی اللہ کے واسطے dr صاحب کوئی اچھی بات بھی کر لیا کریں

  9. Condem all those who say Pakistan is a secular country.
    Condem building Hindu Temple in Islamabad is like building Temple next to Maka in Masjidul Haram.
    These are the people who were to support to build a Hindu Temple in Islamabad. Remember for ever. A Muslim can't build or give away any donation to get build any non Muslim Temple or worship place any where at this earth in the whole world.
    Pakistan is a Islamic country. It was created in the name of Islam for the Muslims of the British India. According to the constitution it's name is " Mumlakate khudadad (Kingdom of Allah Pak) Islamic Democratic Republic of Pakistan. It all has been discribed in it's National Anthom.

    Pakistan is not a secular country. But It's constitution gives full freedom of worship to it's all minorities and protection according to Islam. They have equal rights of citizenship like any Muslim citizen of Pakistan plus minorities do have special sets of representatives and participation in National and Assemblies and Government.

    There are people who say Pakistan is a secular country and these are the one who were to support to build a Hindu Temple in Islamabad. Remember for ever. A Muslim can't build or give away any donation to get build any non Muslim Temple or worship place any where at this earth in the whole world.

  10. I urge to Pakistani PM Imran Khan please immediately send fire fighters, doctors nurses,

    cooks with food supplies, tents, medicines to help our brothers and sisters in Turkey

    who are suffering due to these forest fires may be caused by some terrorists, this is

    the time to be united with our Turkish brothers and sistersin the times of their need.

    Please Pakistanis demand from our PM Imran Khan, our Armed Forces and our

    government officials to react and and show we care.

  11. The truth is being told to USA, India and many NATO allies our DG ISI General Faez media by Dr. Moeed 
    Yusuf National Security Advisor to PM made it clear Pakistan is standing on high moral ground both on 
    Kashmir and Afghanistan issues, by exposing cynical and suspicious Indian motives behind Afghanistan 
    policies to keep Afghanistan in turmoil so the Indians can use Afghanistan as soil to cultivate terrorists 
    activities by helping mercenary organizations such as; ISIS, DAESH, TTP, BLA to destabilize both Pakistan 
    and Afghanistan to maintain Indian and foreign powers presence in Afghanistan to achieve two objectives;

    a- Divert attention from Indian Armed Forces atrocities illegal action in IoJ&K,

    b- b- Destabilize Pakistan.

    Pakistan has been sincere to keep peace in Afghanistan since day one, Pakistan had warned and recommended 
    to both American and Afghanistan Government after 911 to sit down on table and resolve the dispute like civilized nations through negotiations, but hot headed American President George Bush who was looking for an escape goat to satisfy Americans populous demand for revenge refused an advice which could have saved Americans 
    and their allies thousands of lives, several trillions of dollar and most of all another shameful defeat from so-
    called ragtag freedom fighters.

    If Americans had listened to the sane and sincere advice of President Musharraf’s instead of his trigger happy, cowboy and yahoo mentality team, who thought because of their arrogance their mighty force will win the war 
    in matter of few weeks. Ignoring wise comment made by Late Ameer Mullah Omar to warn American President

    “ That he should know Americans have never won a war and Afghans have never lost a war”

    But due to the lack of knowledge and ignorance President Jr. Bush the well known imbecile out of his  
    arrogance believed in resolving dispute through shooting guns and Ameer Mullah Omer stood by Afghan 
    tribal traditions, first he asked America for viable proofs that Osama bin Laden had hand in the 911 attack,  
    which American failed and refused to provide therefore, Mullah Omar stood by his tribal values and refused 
    to hand over his ally who fought together in a war against another invading foreign power USSR and helped Afghan.

    Now that Americans have been provided a safe way out of Afghanistan after their defeat in the

    hands of Taliban, with the help of negotiation arrranged by Pakistan between USA and Afghan Taliban,

    istead of being grateful Americans are asking Pakistan 12 most unreasonable conditions, forgetting that

    all they can do is put some finanacial restriction upon Pakistan, Pakistan has endured many embargoes

    and economic restrictions but we have come out of those restrictions even stronger, even though we

    had most weak politicians as our rulers.

    Now that we have one of the most strong leader ruling our country, and we have stronger ties with China

    and our Pakistan's dependance has delcilined drastically upon USA and her allies, these conditions being 
    demanded by a declining super power are not only unexceptible but extremely ridiculous, Americans have

    no leverage axcept FATF which we have met 99% and few will be met in short time after that they can take

    their FATF and go jump in their some polluted lake.

  12. نارراض نہ ہو پاکستان کے بڑے بڑے عقابرین بھی امریکہ کے ساتھ مخلص تھے اور ہیں یعنی غلامی کی سوچھ جانے والی نہیں ہے، اور اب یہ بڑے عقابرین ملک کے اعلی اداروں پر بھی فائز ہیں، لہذا یا تو اسلام کے نام پر سودا بازی بند کی جاۓ کیونکہ کشمیر کا مسلہ امریکہ کا کوئی پیروکار نہیں بلکہ افغان مرد پختونوں کا کام ہے اور بعض مسلمان بھائی اللٰؔہ اللٰؔہ کر کے دنیاوی مفادات حاصل کرتے ہیں اور بعض کے ابا و اجدا نے اپنی اولاد کا سودا اللٰؔہ تعالی کے ساتھ پہلے سے کیا ہوا ہے، اسد زمان شینواری
    افغانستان اسلامی بنک ہی اسلام اعر مسلمان ہونے کی پہلی زمانت ہے ، دنای میں اکثریت اسلامی ٹھیکیدان ایسا نہیں کر سکتے

  13. ڈاکٹر دھبڑ دوس تم انڈيا کہ پکے دلال ہو
    تم انڈيا پر کوٸی بات کرنے پر تیار نہیں ہو
    تم انڈيا کہ لیے سوفٹ امیج رکھتے ہو اب پتا چل رہا ہے