Wildfires devastate Turkey and Greece in 'worst fire crisis in a decade' – BBC News

Wildfires devastate Turkey and Greece in 'worst fire crisis in a decade' - BBC News

Emergency services are working hard to deal with destructive fires across Southern Europe which have been fuelled by strong winds and soaring heatwave temperatures.

The blazes have been raging for over a week and parts of Turkey, Greece, Spain and Italy have been affected.

It’s the worst fire crisis Turkey has experienced in a decade, as coastal resorts have been hit and tourists have had to be evacuated to safety.

On Monday Turkish authorities said more than 130 blazes had been contained as firefighting efforts continued.

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BBC News

BBC News


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  1. And Russia helps first, along with all Slavs :Serbs, Polish firefighters, Chech, Romanian, Ukrainian, while westerners arrive it will be all over, but western TVs are quiet about that, same was when EU left Italy alone, only Russia and China helped in covid crisis.

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  4. Revelation 16:8 "And the fourth angel poured out his vial upon the sun; and power was given unto him to scorch men with fire" prophecy of the bible unfolding before our very eyes…but it's just fairy tale huh?

  5. Sadly countries around the world are going to have to start investing heavily in firefighting planes and helicopters. The forests were just fine before people, people didn't need to manage them because it rained regularly. Now it doesn't rain, now all the forests burn.

  6. Do we not yet have sound technology to put out fires, I always felt so sorry for fire fighters who fly those coptors with the tumble size of water there able to drop, but they should be using that sound technology, why not it works so well and is instant with little to no risk of danger to the ppl who operates it..can anyone tell me why not, im sure the guy who invented it is watching Turkey right now..I pray the government isn't trying to sit on it..