Germany Sends Warship to China… Slowly and Half-heartedly

Germany Sends Warship to China... Slowly and Half-heartedly

The Germans have sent a warship to the South China Sea, even though it’s more than clear they really don’t want to. So why do it at all?

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  1. Germany is clearly not interested but being forced to sail to South China Sea. While UK is more eager to show their existence thinking the entire areas are British colonies 100 years ago.

  2. The US military alone has greenhouse gas emission ranked some 30th as a country, about Norway plus Finland. Because of them, the rest of the world is expanding on military, because weapons and wars are staple income for some billionaires. Even all cars on earth turned electric it only save 6.5% on world greenhouse gas emission. The world military can easily offset all our efforts to stop global warming. They kill us without going to war.

  3. Germany has no interest in any of the issues the US or British are entangled with. They are more like trying to pull a mule up a mountain in their willingness to play along.

  4. So this was the deal…. nordstream 2 is allowed but your navy…..
    Usa seems to really think that europe can let russia debond from china soon…
    What is silly plan.
    And getting everybody in a medical influence sphere will not work too….
    After boosting the last booster of the recent booster that boosted the booster from last month's booster people will not like it so much….

  5. In the era of hypersonic rockets a naval ship is like a fish in a barrel.
    Only purpose left is to become a target with the goal of escalation.
    Than rockets start everywhere.
    They are really believing they are able to survive that confrontation.
    They are really willing and capable of nuking earth and killing everybody outside subterranian bunkers.
    They are really ready to sacrifice your life for your future and safety.

  6. Just like Afghanistan. Go in without an aim. There is nothing to archieve.
    Solely motivating China to strenghten her navy even more can be gained.

  7. All these so called allies of USA CONVERGING in the South China Sea are like a naughty and haughty kid just throwing all the leggo pieces about in the bath tub. Well did you hear mum shouting its time to get up and keep all your toys?

  8. TLDR: Germany is conducting routine patrols off the coast of China, and Russia is trying to turn us against Germany by having some balding traitorous chubster spit empty conjecture.

  9. Having the german tax payers providing two german made submarines to the illegal state of Israel, delivered in during Obama/Merkels "yes we can" illegal surveille on every spot on earth, could mean that Germany is in the NSO team of complete surveillance.

  10. USA wants to drag their allies into dispute and fight any war on their behalf. Others are not morons to sacrifice their men and money on behalf of anyone. Exceptionally, UK maybe the only one.

  11. Everyone talks crap about the USA. But China is the one imprisoning millions, killing religious people, trying to force a free country Taiwan into communism. All these nations want the USA to protect them but don't want to pay us or contribute. The United States gives millions and billions of dollars, medicine, vaccines and help to every country in the world.