Gravitas: Why are Indians being targeted in South Africa?

Gravitas: Why are Indians being targeted in South Africa?

Multiple Indian businessmen in South African cities complained of financial ruin, as their stores were targeted by rioters. Is Jacob Zuma’s relationship with the Gupta family making Indians a target?

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  1. It's the same BS events that took place when president Amid rose to power in the 1930s I believe.. remember Amid kicked out the Indians out of africa( what Indians that were in africa? Was because of rail road construction, but when the railroad construction was finished most Indians stayed when completed,etc) Amid put blame on the Indias for the economic fallout in africa{ in the end when the indians left? africas GDP crashed)
    Etc! These events rolled over for 6 to 8 years before he invaded. I think india. Which Amid had his ass served in minutes. Which also lead Amid to run like a crowd from his own people where then Amid lived his life out in Saudi Arabia
    The historical event has been looked over because the impact where small compared to other outcomes in that time.. such as Hitler, Stalin. Etc).. but we all know it doesn't matter about the size of the impact when impact creates devastation on all types of Levels

  2. I'm from South Africa and the hometown of KwaZulu Natal where this all happened. The people were targeted because the people went to go burn down a village in retaliation to the looters in the area. This has nothing to do with Gupta's that's a false narrative the facts are simple (Looters looted in the area and the community went to burn down the villages and shacks in retaliation)

  3. It funny how Africans are doing this in their country, their own continent and are judged by foreigners who hove forgoten where they descended from. Stop talking shit and let us deal with our problems.

  4. Zuma in connection with allegations of corruption. The corruption
    charges against Jacob Zuma have an Indian connection — the Gupta
    Brothers, who had moved from Uttar Pradesh’s Saharanpur to South Africa in the 1990s.The leaked emails led to massive protests against Jacob Zuma and the Gupta family, who had hurt the South African sentiments by stealing millions from the banks fled South Africa.

  5. This is a false narrative, there is a possibility of a genocide orchestrated by the Indian community, now they play the victim card and WION is being impartial.

  6. Not exactly true. Nelson Mandela only decided to use peace (later after prison and election )after bombing white people. That's why he went to prison. Not as a politician but a terrorist.

  7. THIS TITLE IS INCORRECT. Indians are actually actively targeting Black people in Kwa-Zulu Natal, more specifically in Phoenix. Black aren’t targeting Indians and Guptas have always been an issue but Indians aren’t being targeted at all, especially not because of the Guptas.

  8. Give the country to the ANC we were told. Now the entire sub continent will face starvation within a few years. Where are the liberals from the west now that the shit is hitting the fan?