This Vietnam War Secret May Never Be Solved

This Vietnam War Secret May Never Be Solved

The Gulf of Tonkin incident was the last straw that led to the open engagement of the United States in the Vietnam War.

In early August of 1964, two encounters between American and North Vietnamese warships in the waters of the Gulf of Tonkin allowed President Lyndon B. Johnson the authority to get involved in the war.

The US blamed the communists for both confrontations, but subsequent investigations years later would put the veracity of the second incident into question…

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  1. Before the Covid Crisis mRNA vaccines were unsafe, even for cancer patients.

    Before the Afghanistan Crisis, thousands of those Afghans were ineligible for entry to the US.

    Crisis works…

  2. On the topic of whether the Maddox had crossed into Vietnamese national waters on Aug 2nd, my father was a radarman on the Ticonderoga, on duty at the time. His close friend was an electronics warfare specialist who had been transferred to the Maddox temporarily. He told me the Maddox was so close in to shore that it was "steaming in among the junks", that it was WELL within national waters, intentionally.

  3. The historians say that the reason the United States was in Vietnam was because of communism. Just prior to Vietnam, Texas Senator Joe McCarthy said communist were taking over the government and Hollywood. Apparently McCarthy was right, so what’s the real truth about Vietnam?

  4. Search RAND RM-3208-arpa, the pdf is on the RAND site. Declassed 2008, pre-Maddox. Read specifically what USA agents were doing in-country to create civil unrest to justify a profitable invasion. <<< That is an official govvy document. Fast forward to USS Liberty. US plane(s) from Rota Naval airbase in Spain were 5 minutes away from dropping a nuke on the Cairo airport where USSR had just placed 'Bear' bombers'. USS LIberty got out a distress call and did not sink so they plane(s) were recalled.

  5. Johnson is burning in hell a very corrupt evil man who in my opinion murdered Kennedy. Before a shot was fired Johnson was ducking in the car waiting for Kennedy to be murdered.

  6. Didn't do anything to stop the coup? Yeah cause as McNamara would later write in his book, it was done while the president was on the Vineyard and the CIA could support it without getting official approval which Kennedy might have been smart enough to oppose cause while Diem was corrupt and not well liked but he was the only one who could hold consolidated control. The rest of the war would see even worse governments that were even less popularly supported and served to destabilize the south more and more…

  7. LBJ: the one individual Texas ever had toward resembling a mafia. He already had the power, and a reputation for making people “go away” down here in the Lone Star before he ever became VP.

  8. Is the lies that the US government laid on the population is terrible it's his is part of a conspiracy to keep the military industrial complex full of money at the cost of taxpayers and their lives

  9. One of the worst wars of recent times that simply did not need to happen.
    Arguably spiked by the domino theory and all that, that was popular at the time. However LBJ is now known to be a prominent Richard head and warmonger.
    To his credit however, he did travel – at least outside of his home state. Because yknow DC is not in Texas and he had to get to work… But he didn't bother visiting SE Asia (which JFK did) before unleashing what is now better known as the American War.
    Ignorance is no excuse.

  10. Another Deep State Banksters war we let our brave men get sucked into. God bless these hero's who did their duty and paid the ultimate price! To hell now with the power elite who contrived this war!