Why Apple Wants To Scan Your Photos

Why Apple Wants To Scan Your Photos

How important is privacy to you? Are gigantic corporations ever justified in snooping around our own personal files? These are the thorny questions currently being debated as Apple announces the rollout of a controversial – some would say dystopian – raft of souped-up privacy measures on its upcoming iOS update.

How worried should you be? To what extent is AI about to become an all-powerful arbiter of what’s right and wrong? Can, or should, anything be done to reverse this trend?


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Why Apple Wants To Secretly Scan Your Photos


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  1. This is obviously a trojan horse. They start with something everyone would agree with, and then gradually roll it out to scan every single picture for every single thing imaginable, most likely to collect data for advertisement and god know what, possibilities are endless. You seriously think they developed this hardware scanning just to stop abusers LMAO… they plan to make a fuckton of money out of this long term. Also abusers probly dont use their fucking iphone for abuse pictures… this is laughable.

  2. One it's not legal ( until now). And while the idea being sold is somehow attractive (unless you're doing something that you should not, it's just a marketing move to cover deeper intentions. Like gather all your data and use it in any way they want, with or without your permission. This is a clear example of why I never until today had a mac or iPhone. it is a closed ecosystem, where you don't actually own what you pay for. They own it, they own you and you pay happily! Oh almost forgot… You pay more than you should for what you get (or don't) and with a smile!

  3. Yes Yes! Everything is expected according to plan. I wrote stuff like this on a script years ago. Apple wants you to be a true creator. True creators, never post bad nor inappropriate activity either through videos and photos.

  4. I’m a strong proponent of privacy, but in this case, I think this is justified. We do need to keep an eye on it going forwards to ensure that it’s not misused.

  5. I’m officially seeking new ways to work and communicate where my rights aren’t being violated. This tech is going to be abused like everything else. Remember only two weeks to slow the spread and look at how much over reach the government and businesses have gone to restrict and regulate everything we do under a false flag. I work with Apple products and I love them. I’m all for predos going to jail but they are going to abuse this and I do not trust the government. Privacy is super important and if people just let more of our rights disappear we will never ever be free.

  6. Privacy is way more important than child abuse protection. Without privacy the future will be dark. And in the dark future most people will not have the privilege/luxury to stop child abuse.

  7. This is a game changer in violating your personal data and security. This provides a back door to access data on your private device. This needs to be investigated from a legal point of view. The 4th amendment prohibits government accessing your data without a warrant or probable cause. Technology companies need to be forced to stop accessing our property without permission.

  8. They will see a lot of my deekpics! (yes, i am very proud of my deek)
    But, seriously.. this will drop Apple's user base. Also, warning the pedos about it isn't that smart… "Hey Mr robber, cops are coming, but if you turn left you can outrun them!"

  9. To catch peados is the mother of all red herrings as most would not object to this and that is why this reason was chosen. But the real reason they want to gain access is to get past your pesky privacy rules and the US constitution. The US government wants in on this. So i predict they will deem this not to break your rights. Of course. But why would people even allow this to happen to themselves? Ditch your apple phones people. Money talks. Bullshit like this walks. Images is the first in a long line of things that they want to scan for. Fuck your brand of freedom USA. We dont want it.

  10. It’s the same stupid argument in regards to gun control. If we take away the guns then there’s less crime!

    No idiot, criminals don’t BUY their guns legally DUH like WTF?!

    Are we to assume these asshole pedo’s put their sick shit on the iCloud?! Like no jeezus…privacy and no corporate or govt snooping

  11. One button to authorize your right to less privacy each time without you noticing you are allowing it to happen…a trend to sell your privacy just a matter of time, that is so called following the policies of ethical matters! How ironic to their agreements!

  12. This is no secret as Apple themselves announced the new CSAM software. Playing a little devil’s advocate though, how widespread is this issue, anyhow? Widespread enough for forceful implementation across devices globally in the US? I somehow doubt it in the grand scheme of things. Very worried about this road we are heading down right now.. It seems like only a matter of time before this gets abused. Wouldn’t these miscreants just…either not use iCloud or switch to Android to skirt this system anyways?

  13. This is soo gonna get used to yeet someone's political enemies and only a small number of pedos are gonna get caught.

    Cuz even if they get caught, they're not gonna get the full sentence or they can just choose to buy a different phone

  14. God dam it man. Is a good video, but I will have to dislike.
    0:17-> "How worried should you be?" – This implies you need to be worried. Just present the data/information.
    Ok actually I wont dislike because otherwise the video looks like good reporting.
    But please dont fall in the trap of telling/impling to the viewer how should they feel about a certen thing. I know it brings more views, thats why all mainstream media dose it but there are people outthere that are just looking for an unbuiest reporting.

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