Taliban thought to control two thirds of Afghanistan | DW News

Taliban thought to control two thirds of Afghanistan | DW News

The Afghan government has suffered further setbacks in trying to hold off the seemingly relentless advance of the Taliban. A humanitarian crisis is deepening, as tens of thousands are forced to flee the fighting. The militants are estimated to control two thirds of Afghanistan.

Aisha Khurram, a law student at Kabul University and former youth representative to the UN, told DW that while many were seeking safety in Kabul, no one was really safe, but while their lives may be at risk, people were still prepared to fight.

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DW News

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  1. Very very dangerous situation. Terrorists Taliban will destroy everything, killing people who are against them. What a bad luck for Afghanistan people that even in this modern 21st century a terrorist organisation Taliban is capturing a country by bombing and shooting. Allah save Afghanistan people from the hand of Taliban. Taliban killed a comedian few days ago. Taliban is coward because it has no gut to participate in electroral process

  2. Its their country..if they do.terror to us.they gonna get spanked..think nk..they sux…in terms of us standards..not.everyone believes what we believe

  3. Nothing is gonna change no matter what the world do unless there is change among the people of Afghanistan.
    Now it's a time to decide whether they want to live like this or the way Taliban want them to.

  4. 350k Indian-trained afghan soldiers can't beat 75k talibans. Well, 150k USA, NETO soldiers couldn't beat 75k Talibans too.
    Taliban are indigenous people of Afghanistan, They are not a force, they are people which always recruit 75k of them as fighters.
    You can win a war against an army or force but not against people. You can only win people by respecting them.
    Further, Blaming Pakistan won't fix anything, learning about Taliban from Pakistan fixes everything.

  5. If the people of Afghanistan want to suffer under the hands of a dictatorship, then let them at it. However, if the Taliban attempts to expand beyond Afghanistan, then we need to smash any attempt by them to do so. Containment is all that we can practice now

  6. If after twenty years of military help, training, money and encouragement the Afghans cannot learn how to protect themselves and learn the values of democracy, then why is it America’s fault? If it is anyone’s failure it is the Bush administration’s arrogance about nation building that drove this fiasco.

  7. The American made 8 to 10 percent Afghani forces capture more than 90 percent Afghani people Why you are not Highlights the reality of àfguanistan the people of àfguanistan shows the reality in your videos

  8. And i like how people can just talk lightly of a possible genocide, i guess ignorance is truly bliss when your in a house with running AC 24/7 if you no care sit down no talk nobody like see your kine selfish attitudes talking about Ooohh they should of use all that time to learn to defend them selves pls if you do not know whats going on there then stop, just stop while you still have your dignity

  9. Why do I keep hearing veterans talking about how they knew ten or more years ago this is how it would end?
    I've got nothing but respect for the rank-and-file in all of the Armed Forces but you guys have a very exclusive position from which to view things and I guess it's kind of obvious most of us didn't have a clue that they could never unify enough to even identify with the country of Afghanistan as its current borders are drawn. First I want to thank you all for serving and then I want to- admonish you for leaving us all in the dark. We could have been out of there 10 years ago had we known the reality of the people on the ground. Seems to me a lot of the invested blood-sweat-and-tears the lives lost and the money spent could have been much less. We know you guys aren't in any position to critique your superiors and wouldn't want you to however never hesitate to share some information you have that we do not because we can go stand on that (Capital) Hill and fight for you here at home, but only if it's something we know about. And I'm not trying to make a big issue out of it right now I just wanted to throw that out there for consideration because you guys have a lot of support here (even though is sometimes hard to tell), so you don't have to stick your neck out by yourself, we can help you with that, we want to help you with that, and I just wanted to let you know that.
    Keep us in the loop please just be careful how you do it no reason information sharing like that would have to be anything other than "Anonymous".

  10. As young person, I’m very confused as I have friends supporting the Taliban. I don’t entirely supporting USA. But what is the actual deal here??

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