COVID-19: Public health services are collapsing in post-coup Myanmar | DW News

COVID-19: Public health services are collapsing in post-coup Myanmar | DW News

COVID cases peaked last month in Myanmar, but the country is hardly out in the clear – with up to 4,000 cases reported daily and a total of more than 340,000 cases and over 12,000 deaths. The pandemic is not only stretching medics to the limit, but also those who have the grim job of collecting bodies.

Public health services are collapsing in Myanmar. The UN estimates that only 40% of Myanmar’s healthcare facilities are still functioning. People on the ground say the situation is much worse. Oxygen is one critical need the country is short of.


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  1. Million are dying. Almost everyone father and mother are gone. Army control and bombed oxygen factories, closed pharmacy, spreading virus like a smoke with jet. 40 L oxygen cost $4000. Some medicine for lung bacteria treatment cost $50,000. Injection for prevent blood clot cost $30 to $40. Nurses and doctors are arrested when they want to treat patient.

  2. I m so tired of explaining people who says Burmese people hate the rohingyas and and we the reason they got killed. In Burma the military and the legal government are two different things. Even though aung San su kyi is in power she has no control over the police, soldiers or the military in general. All the wars, the killings was done by the military bastards so before u say stuff like that research first. In the end she had to took the blame and the hate the world gave her for the thing she can’t control.

  3. only earthworms can help humanity get out of the pandemic back to normal life, only earthworms can help the rest of the world continue to live healthy and happy lives, only earthworms can help you escape from the hands of death COVID. EARTH WORDS CAN BE CURRENTLY FOR MANY POISONING DISEASES TO Which Modern Medicine is at the forefront.

  4. The reporter said: "Authoraties are 'Forcing' oxygen factories to close." Why is no one here talking about this??? they want the people to die obviously. Plandemic or what?

  5. here in the Philippines 10,000+ cases per day and almost 30,000 already died but have never experienced lack of oxygen or long lines in crematoriums. makes us think the health department has been overcounting and classifying non covid as covid deaths. also the swab tests seem dubious also. many covid positives but mostly asymptomatic.

  6. In 2010 I searched Myanmar , had 20, 300 deaths from Flu and Pneumonia . There were no Videos on Collections of the dead though . The Pandemic is Getting Many sick, more are sicker , but the death rate is still a little bit the same all over the world in every country. So.. take Care Not to die .

  7. Covid deniers and climate change deniers are the same. Both do not believe in science and experts.
    People are selfish and don't want to be bothered with restrictions. Now they are paying for their recklessness. Wear a mask and cover your nose. Get vaccinated when it is available. Keep social distance. As more people get vaccinated every day the risks for everyone decreases and more businesses can open up. Every week it will continue to get better as more people are vaccinated.

  8. Population needs to be in balance with jobs, resources, nature and the environment. The virus is nature fighting back. Humans are crowding out all other species of plants and animals. Men need to be more responsible for their children or get a vasectomy. More people demand more resources. Endless population growth is not sustainable on a finite planet. Having a child that you can not provide for is cruel and irresponsible. If you can not provide for yourself you can not provide for a child. People need to be more responsible. Having a bigger population in any country than the country can support makes no sense. Access to food, water, shelter and jobs should guide population levels.

  9. The Military Junta failed at covid-19. lol the Tatmadaw/Myanmar Police Force are just attacking there own citizen and fighting the Rebels while there country is suffering

  10. Strategic media reporting. How many COVID deaths? Not Covid-related. 5 of these 'uncooperative' countries leaders murdered this year, yet never reported in the 'news'. You do realize that a few million die every year from viruses, which is the same number the last 2 years. The vaxes are the start of the covid deaths: the pandemic will begin shortly. This media is like a Hollywood production house. Disgraceful.

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