RIP SENI: the graffiti confronting the UK mental health crisis

RIP SENI: the graffiti confronting the UK mental health crisis

One morning in June 2020, graffiti reading RIP SENI appeared emblazoned across a public artwork outside the Bethlem royal hospital, a psychiatric hospital in south London. The spray-painted letters drew attention to Olaseni Lewis, a 23-year-old black man who died after being restrained by 11 police officers while in the care of the hospital in 2010. This film follows what happened after the graffiti, as it launches a discussion about race, mental health and injustice in the UK, and the effects on families.

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Read about the consultation on ‘Seni’s Law’ which follows the delay in enacting the legislation passed after his death

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  1. They are need son is white and he is in and out of hospitals..the nurses called them..violence can be part of mental illness…it's not about black's about mental health system

  2. Olaseni Lewis died while being restrained in hospital following acute psychotic illness due to substance abuse. The poor guy was out of his mind. He was acting violently and damaging hospital property. And you will get restrained if you are considered to be a danger to yourself or others, including NHS staff.

    When we hear about violence against NHS staff, this is very often the situation we are talking about. They are the ones on the front line dealing with people like Olaseni Lewis, who are confused, paranoid, scared and angry, because they are not thinking right. They aren't seeing things as they are (Think about that the next time you view a video on social media publicly shaming a Karen for kicking off in a supermarket about how masks and vaccines are all just a conspiracy to control the masses).

    Accusations of racism during this incident are just accusations. Given new life following the whole BLM thing. But if you want to believe that the NHS along with the police are racist, then this is how you will view this tragedy.

  3. Gracias.
    Buen día.
    Publican una lista enorme.
    Con periodistas y censores.
    Acusados de crímenes de lesa humanidad genocida.

  4. Stop repeating this Marxist rubbish that the UK is supposedly a terribly racist country. If anyone has specific recent incidents they have experienced which they believe are racist, they should take the matter to the police or the courts or other appropriate authority. The UK has laws in place against racism, and people should use this if appropriate.
    If they do not have any specific incidents, then please stop claiming the UK is racist, because this is stirring up conflict unnecessarily.

  5. This report is vague and randomly jumps around so much, I didn't get anything out of it. Sounds like Brits like to gang up on black guys too.

  6. Those police "officers" should have been institutionalized for deadly anger management issues.
    Call in the police over a patient's behavior when no law has been broken is a bit like calling the fire department to deal with a patient when there is no fire. "Oops, your son died in our custody, now go away" is hardly an adequate answer to a grieving mother, or to a grieving community. When The Crown hides the truth from The People, it is time for a Magna Carta 2.0 (MC2) to once again protect The People from The Crown.

  7. This happens a lot where I live in the US. But I’m sure I didn’t need to tell you bc it’s on the news at least once every 3-4 months you will hear of a cop murdering a person that was having a mental event (not sure what to call it) prayers for all who loved him.

  8. This man has the guts to stand there and speak like he his talking to his children ! And yes you are right !2000 years off oppression and both physical and mental destruction off a people

  9. Guardian, your response to one of your journalists making threats to innocent people and their families is an absolute disgrace. Once again, you fail to take any responsibility for your actions and have the audacity to cry victim when called out.