US sending troops to evacuate Kabul embassy | DW News

US sending troops to evacuate Kabul embassy | DW News

The US says it’s sending some 3,000 troops to help evacuate embassy staff in Kabul. The decision comes with the beleaguered Afghan government struggling to turn the tide against a relentless Taliban offensive. The UK is also sending soldiers to help British nationals leave the country. The Taliban are on the march across Afghanistan and appear to have taken control of Herat – the country’s third largest city. It comes hot on the heels of militants overrunning the strategic town of Ghazni, just 150 kilometers from the capital Kabul. Heavy fighting is also taking place in Kandahar, the country’s second biggest city. The US believes the Afghan capital could come under attack by the Taliban within weeks and is asking its citizens to leave the country immediately.


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  1. Is it right for foreign countries to establish bases in countries they don't agree with? and then decide who should be in power, who should be excluded? Twenty years in Afghanistan and is the situation any different? It is as if the inevitable has simply been delayed and many people killed in the process. It looks like the Afghani people are less against the Taliban than the rest of the world. The man being interviewed seems to believe that if the US and its allies don't control the world, then the world becomes a threat to the US. Perhaps if the US didn't interfere where it is not wanted, it would provoke less resentment?

  2. If only the West had put a million pairs of boots on patrol…
    But the billionaires controlled corporate arms industry which controls the politicians wants long unwinnable wars because they obtain the biggest profits.
    So the trainers wearing, moped riding, mobile phone using, small arms carrying, IED triggering terrorists have won the war.
    All with the help of the billionaires. Profits accomplished. NEXT!

  3. It's now all just about EVACUATING – everything else is nothing but a red herring. The western alliance led by the US are fleeing Afghanistan in double-quick time!

  4. 20 years and 4 trillions dollars later, Biden blew it up. Good job Joe. You are doing an excellent job internally and externally after only 6 months as president. It is quite a remarkable achievement

  5. What a waste? Our troops who died in that land, provisions to that land, billions of dollars to that land and re-building their communities. What a waste? The moment our troops withdrew they joined forces with them, not fighting for "their" freedom, when our troops spent twenty years fighting for them. So sad. I wish America would stop doing this.

  6. US and the allies could have helped afgan people and govt developed their econmy, create jobs and more jobs to uplift the economic welfare of the people and enjoined others to return to the mainstream society (over the 20 yrs period or the recent 10 yrs) but, what had happened? Who cares? Todat3 western nations are saying afganistan is a strategic country in that region, bordering russia, pakistan and others. How strategic is it? The helped of the allies could have been in nation building – primarily for economic sustainability and stability of afgan and less in military services which USA is claiming that they poured into the country trillion US dollar… Was that fund carefully plan and used. Was agan people benefited from it? USA is definitely good in planning 50 years or more ahead… So what happened today. What is ironic is that, chinese is coming into the picture now, that allied countries including Russia are against it… In that case, who will help afgan people but themselves… It happend in Vietnam and it is a developing nations now with lots of job in manufacturing and trade… What happened in vietnam may akso be replicated in afganistan under goodd governance.. In God's time, afgan will someday prosper through the effort of their own people… With less intervention of other nation…

  7. UN should not leave Kabul because situation is bad here Now us should start they air strikes as soon as they can we can’t leave country because embassy’s are empty

  8. Its not a military take over. As how come 40 K rag tag militia can capture whole country from 300 K Army supported by latest modern equipment, APCs, Tanks, MRAPS & Airforce etc..Its a political take over. 90% provinces & cities fell to Taliban without single shot fired as all the puppet or hired Afghan officials were just waiting for exit of US & returned the country back to its original regime..Eye opening for US/ NATO..All US equipment, Heli, aircrafts are being handed over to Taliban by Afghan forces without fight, without any destruction. Taliban have also announced general amnesty for all including those who has worked for NATO forces..So most of the propagandist western media is in shock… as there is no civil war, no mass casualities, just few odd incidents..there is a chaos and internal displacement because of fear due to past record of Taliban. But amazingly, they are transformed. They are dealing all government officials with respect. Seems like within week, they will take over Kabul and looking for international many cities public stoned their army once they were withdrawing and welcomed taliban with flowers..Lesson is don't enforce your western ideals through an ultra liberal minority. Every country and nation cannot be replica of west..Let them live as they want…

  9. The real reason America is leaving Afghanistan is because the military just like private industry is having supply chain issues and they cannot keep their machines running

  10. Ok now this no jok do not ask Michael and the rest of the anagel to help them in kabal if you not gin holed the 5 astat a canbael for the war crime's in the Congo village and the rest of the United states of America is under seage