Afghanistan: Taliban push into outskirts of Kabul | DW News

Afghanistan: Taliban push into outskirts of Kabul | DW News

The Taliban, an Islamist militant group that has seized large parts of Afghanistan, started entering the outskirts of Kabul on Sunday, local officials said. The Afghan capital is the last major city held by government forces after insurgents made several advances elsewhere this month amid the withdrawal of allied troops. The Taliban pledged not to take the capital “by force.” Sunday’s move on Kabul comes as international forces start to evacuate their diplomats amid the worsening security situation.


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  1. I like how DW spread its messages to the world. Full of meanings and feeling, good video shooting and understandable. Not like on Indon***a media its full of nothing.

  2. Apparently, the United States human rights policy only works from the border out because in the United States when people were coming in with their families they separated the kids from their families and under all the administration's they have deported thousands and thousands of people that they were claiming political Asylum and a lot of them they got killed in the countries that they were sent to

  3. 911 designed to invad afghanist & all the freedom fighters were became terrorist , Binladin was US agent sent to Afghanist. Hold up of country for 20 years, killing many many people , big disaster . spending trillions of $$$$$ , Whats the result ????

  4. What kind of Army Afghanistan have? The Army did not offer even a token resistance to the Taliban assault. What a waste of training and equipment. Correct, the US should not fight a war that the Afghan Army is unwilling to fight.

  5. I believe that taliban never destroy nationalism of Afghanistan peoples.
    Afghanistan peoples know that whose the Taliban and what's their intentions.I strongly believe that every country in the world stand with that Afghan who going to save Afghanistan nation .This is 2021.Taliban never apply ancient purmola.Gun is security of motherland not for killing that innocent Afghan peoples.

  6. Guys! Try to check better the Qatar's news channel! There they have more balanced info instead of this biased news outlet! : Taliban bad ultra bad, America God ultra first! . / last warning!

  7. Blabalalabalalabalbla This is not your problem let them deal with the situation, You are the reason for the mass destruction in Afghanistan. Fighting for 20 years and left the country in the dark night, what a shameful situation for the USA