China reveals plan to increase interference in private investment decisions | DW News

China reveals plan to increase interference in private investment decisions | DW News

Beijing is ratcheting up pressure on private businesses in the country in a bid to prevent them from becoming too powerful and influential. There is even a five-year plan for this. Is any business safe at all?


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  1. This isn't just about consumer protection. The Chinese government is afraid of having another Jack Ma. With private wealth comes power, influence, and demands for personal freedom. The Chinese government only want people that they can control, and they don't want individuals that can rival their power and influence. But their attempt to censor and brainwash their population will eventually fail if their economy keeps growing, because their middle class will also keep getting wealthier, and they will want personal freedom or look for it elsewhere.

  2. Everything China does is wrong.
    They want the rich to help the poor and narrow the rich – poor gap ….and that is bad.
    The Chinese internet co are too powerful and they want to regulate them…..and that is bad.
    If the USA does it… is good , anti trust etc.
    Typical western media bias…….
    In USA , people live in streets and homeless due to the system and that is good because USA cant do wrong…..
    In China , there are no homeless…..but it’s bad because the system is bad……..

  3. There's only one man on this planet who can destroy CPP… and probably all of China… and maybe most of the world in that process his name is Winnie the Poo… I mean dear leader Xi Jinping

  4. It sounds good this policy but Chinese parents with enough money will just use private tutors, cementing the gap between them and the lower middle classes who can't afford it. They're only attacking a symptom of the underlying disease, that being the intensely competitive gaokao system and inequality of the hukou system, which still remains.

  5. If USA had cracked down on Junk Foods and Sugar Sodas in early 80's , we would not have 25 % of the population extremely overweight and with permanent blood , circulations and heart diseases , not to mention clueless. I will go further : Warren Buffett and other should give $ 50 billion each to set up an organic food industry , if they have any morals , in my opinion. The damage has been total.

  6. Well, it's not like private business didn't have it coming. Scummy corporations have exploited every loophole in every law for decades, but now there's a new bully in town putting a stop to them gaining illegal profit, and these corporations are now crying about how helpless they are. They were predators, but now they're finally facing a force of equal strength. I say let them face the consequences of decades of manipulation and coercion. It's about time they face something that'll finally teach them what unfair cruelty is.

  7. The sigh at the first second was deafening! hahahaha! She was interviewing a reporter in Zhengzhou reporting a huge flood, (iPhone city) and that reporter was acting weird. The next day I saw on one Chinese video site that one tall German reporter was surrounded by locals who were not happy about foreigners reporting their not-so-nice aspect of their lives.