How The MCU Can Avoid Marvel's BIGGEST Problem

How The MCU Can Avoid Marvel's BIGGEST Problem

Today, it’s hard to find someone who has never heard of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. For over a decade we have had a steady stream of great Marvel movies hitting screens across the world. But now that we are on the cusp of a new phase in the Marvel Cinematic Universe we are starting to see some of the same problems Marvel Comics had for a long, long time.

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Written by Dave Baker
Edited by David Sadvari


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  1. I’VE BEEN WORRIED ABOUT THIS OCCURRING FOR SO LONG. I don’t have the time to watch through multiple shows, and I worry that I won’t be able to appreciate Kang’s appearance in Antman-3 if I haven’t seen Loki. I’m especially worried about folks watching Spider-Man: No Way Home and not getting the purposes of the villains from the other Spider-Man entries. I suppose only time will tell though.

  2. Why have the big two comic company started to fail to sell to new and old fans? Have they both run out of stories to tell? Is it the type of stories they are telling? Has the current diversity boom in comic books taken a wrong path to enlightenment?

  3. I’m really amused that this video tries to make it seem like Norton, Brauna, and Howard leaving is really a problem. Thor 1 wasn’t great, and I think mark ruffalo and Don Cheadle are doing great

  4. Thank you! I thought that I was pretty much the only one who thought that almost every character in the MCU lately is just so goofy/jokey. It's like the characters are taken out of context. One specific and very disappointing example would be Thor. In Ragnarok, his character was way too funny, then in Infinity War it was kind of back to normal, then Endgame?! He was a totally different character. Very disappointing to see such potential wasted on jokes. They could use the jokes elsewhere, like in the characters who are actually supposed to be funny, like Starlord.
    Great work, Nerdstalgic!

  5. I do think it needs to be said that when dealing with comic books you really have to view them in the context of their individual stories. There isn't one Spiderman, theres hundreds of Spidermen written and drawn by hundreds of artists over the decades, each of them perfectly valid within their own story, and not all those stories are interrelated the way the MCU is. With this in mind, character deaths in comic books are irrelevant in a kind of a grand scheme sense, we know that no characters death will end the line of their comics (usually) and that even if the thousand other Spiderman arent currently present at the point of that death, someone will still pick up the character again. But in the context of an individual story, a character's death can absolutely matter and have consequences. That artist's version of Spiderman who has been swinging through that artist's version of his story can die, and that can still impact the readers, it can still feel important and impactful despite another version of Spiderman kicking Ultron in the face in another title. Thats one of the benefits of comic books as a medium that the films simply do not allow due to the absolute deathgrip on their homogeny.

  6. That is EXACTLY while I haven’t seen any marvel movies in the past 3 years. Narratively speaking, I was forced to watch Civil War and it was dog shit storytelling and character motivation so I tapped out. And then it becomes this issue of playing catch up so you understand what’s happening in the most recent film. So they’ve turned a cinematic universe into homework of 23 of the exact same movie. I’ll pass.

  7. "Imagine if Marvel made a film without all the jokes" they did it's called The Incredible Hulk. Also their first non origin story Solo film. Bruce was already Hulk when the film started putting the origin into the credits, letting visuals tell the story.

  8. I'm not sure about the idea that Marvel Studios expects people to watch every Marvel movie to know what's going on. I always figured the reason the MCU's interconnected continuity project worked was because we now live in the age of the internet, so even if we miss or skip a film we can still look up how it ended and how the mid/post credits scenes went so we know what we need to know.

  9. I'm just starting to feel more and more tired of this universe… like, it's such a huge story, recently I am just getting tired of these big franchises with infinite timelines. And it's not really a problem with the writers or directors, it's just tiring after years of watching… just never ending… I haven't been excited for all the new recent releases, it's just ok I guess

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