Taliban back in power: What does it mean for the Indo-Pacific region? | DW News

Taliban back in power: What does it mean for the Indo-Pacific region? | DW News

A twenty-year war comes to an end with the Taliban rolling into Kabul. We look at what this new Afghan government means for countries in the Asia region, particularly Pakistan and China. The United States’ withdrawal also means a fundamental reorientation of its foreign policy and strategy in the Indo-Pacific.

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  1. To overthrow a government is easy but to change a culture of a race is impossible, just look at North Korea, Iraq, Syria, lybia, Vietnam and Afghanistan and you would understand. This are those country that USA and its allies visited for (peaceful) vacation.

  2. Afghanistan and military cooperate with Taliban, that is why Americans could not help a nation to become democratic nations. Taliban is a group of man who are murders and craving for power. They are not religious people.

  3. China or Russia might be the first state to recognize Taliban’s legitimacy ,also China can use Afghan take over country and setup camp also gain mining rights to strip mine minerals out of Afghanistan's mountains , and watch China grow even bigger military …

  4. China Russia Pakistan are all totalitarian countries who are quick to recognize Taliban as they are hoping to come out looking good.
    Pakistan will be next to fall to the Taliban as there are Pakistani Taliban ready to take Pakistan from the inside.
    Taliban has never delivered essential services like electricity water transportation education health care payroll jobs etc.
    Looting can not be a long term policy or sustainable.
    Religious fanaticism can motivate and fire up simple minded people, but jobs and essential services are another matter.

  5. Afghanistan wasn't only the failure of Biden's cabinet and EU leadership that vacated Afghanistan completely. It was also a total disaster and failure of NATO leadership who had too big of egos and not as big brains. Turkey could have taken a bigger leadership role to talk to the Taliban, but wasn't given the opportunity, instead if was big-head US leadership always where cultural issues prevented any sort of deeper levels of trust than dealing with an enemy.

  6. Taliban is adopted child of Russia. They have big plans but they are not aware of behavior of Taliban..9/11 was not a joke . Russia and China are happy because US left Asia.
    Russia and China giving them training Logistics international platform for unknown reason.
    But if Taliban rises , it will eat Pakistan first. Then china and Russia..