Taliban now in full control of the Afghan government | DW News

Taliban now in full control of the Afghan government | DW News

Afghnaistan latest: The Taliban have taken over the presidential palace in Kabul and claimed victory, hours after President Ashraf Ghani fled the country. Evacuations from Kabul Airport are ongoing.

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  1. Only 0.2% of people have sung in their country.
    When flight tickets were free.
    99.8% are there.
    That's why 0.2% is also singing. Because the media started saying He will kill everyone.
    Even after being in jail for 10-10 years, he forgave everyone and did not even slap anyone.

    And those who are running at the airport, in fact someone spread the rumor that America has made visa tickets and nationality free for the people going to America. And this is the last flight which is going to America.

  2. See how easy it was !? Now imagine if all the rival cartels in Mexico put there differences aside over small turf they could all join as one massive cartel army , take over the corrupt lazy Mexican government just like the taliban did in Afghanistan and turn Mexico into a complete narco state like Manuel Noriega did

  3. Wow By them not fighting could off stopped something bad to be usher in.
    Can u imagine if we were able to look into time Seen the Afghanistan actualt stayed and fight and they won.
    Can u image because they won is stooped something bad from coming forth.
    Now we will have to wait and see what comes by them cowarding.

  4. After 20 years of support and training and trillions of dollars, the Afghan army collapsed within three months !!!!!
    Yet the northern alliance has not been conquered with much much less

    People that are not willing to defend their own country don’t deserve to have one

  5. همین فرصتی است که ایستادگی کنید وقتی که باید به نیروهای افغانستان همکار و همدست میبودید حال امروز اینطور نمی‌بود باید انقلاب کنید چرا که اگر این کوسمادر طالب سگ سر ورداشت و دیگر سگ هایش از پورکستان آمد باز برادر همون کمچین کاري است همون افراطیت و اسلامی بزور چون شوراي نانیش در پورکستان گویته است و همه می‌داند که چی است پلان و پالیسی شان نباید دست بر دست نگذارید حق خود را بگیرید تمام مردوم باید این سگ های وحشی را بکوشید و جمهوری اسلامی ملت افغانستان علان کنید ۳۵ میلون زیر حثارت چند تا طالب سگ جائ افسوس است شما از مردوم سوریه و لیبیآ و عراق و مصر زیاد نيستيد که به چی رقم دایش سگ و تروریست ها را سگ واری کوشتند

  6. “Hard times create strong men, strong men create good times, good times create weak men, and weak men create hard times.” —G. Michael Hopf